Sirius Crap Shoot

Ore : 11:34 AM

Mystery Dance, Elvis Costello: No one's showing you what it is, Elvis, because you're a social outcast. But maybe this groovy song will change their minds. 7.5/10

Exquisite Corpse, Hedwig Schmidt und zie Angry Inch (movie track): The scariest and coolest song the Kinks never wrote. "Tornado body/with a handgrenade head," indeed. 8.5/10

Ain't No Easy Way, BRMC: Okay, I really hate myself for liking their new stuff. Why? Because I know exactly who these guys are: a few stale-trendwhore mooks who, when they weren't working at their obnoxious New Media jobs South of Market and chasing bleach-blonde, Marina-Hoochie-Mama tail at the Elbo Room or Dalva or the 500 Club, were tooling around their hideously expensive studio space somewhere near Kansas St., trying to craft the perfect generic guitar crap for their fellow mooks at the Covered Wagon, until they realized they could actually make money by grabbing the rootsiest, funkiest, garage-iest, fastest-moving coattails they could find. That said, this is a listenable little throw-down. 7/10 (I really, really hate myself for that score.)

Do You Like Me, Fugazi: No.

Okay, just kidding ;P. 8/10

Nancy, Troubled Hubble: There are no words to describe how barely beneath adequate this is. Screamingly mediocre. Shockingly blah. Just...I'm just so disappointed. 4/10

Atomic, Blondie: A glamorous, breathy, tuneful classic. Long live Debbie Harry!!! 9/10

The Calendar Hung Itself, Bright Eyes: I love creepy/scary lovesongs. And I adore Mr. Oberst. 'Nuff said. 8/10

Wordless Chorus, My Morning Jacket: DOOBAGE, MANG! 8.5/10

Man. U, The Giraffes: I would totally hop in a sling, grease myself up, and bottom out for the whole band. But not because of this entry. 7/10.

Leave The Biker, FoW: Welcome to Weezer-ville, dorks. This is just embarrassing. And not tripping-on-the-sidewalk embarrassing. We're talking owning-Halle-Berry's-Catwoman-on-DVD embarrassing. Or worse, if there is such a thing. 3/10

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Goddammit! There's a breach in the Word Verification shield!!! WE'RE DOOOOOOOMED!!!

hi! i really like your site about weeping jock itch! i wanted to let you know about my site on weeping jock itch. i think you will like it!

...oh shit - word verification's back.

btw - that blondie song ROCKS.

i was listening to that blondie song today
how odd!

Rue? Ruey rue rue? Ruey Rue rue mcrue-erson? Rue?

My jock itch weeps ruefully, Gregor.

Check 3B! for rue. Perhaps your tutu was tootoo tight?

I hate you for that BMRC score, too. I hate those guys and the ones like 'em because I'm one of those beer-drinking, Midwestern kind of people who would probably get in a fistfight at Dalva. And I would tear the hair right off any Marina-bitch's head.

No, I don't live in the Mission and hate the Marina. That would be too cliche.

My Morning Jacket. Now we're talking!

Anybody who's read my comments around the interweb knows I think My Morning Jacket's music is great to bone to, and then smoke a bowl afterwards...

XM is better.

"duequiwx" is a hell of a verification word.

md: I was quite impressed by "jizzmr" one time. And I did once get "jebus." Pretty cool.

The one below? qzyvcmbm

Let's see if I get it on the first try...

Atomic is awesome. I'm sad that pr didn't DJ all my high school dances. Although when they got the guy from Club Xenon, they played Freur and Nellie the Elephant. WTF???
  • Posted at 10:23 PM | By Anonymous Capt. Trollypants

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