Newsflash, Gregor

Ore : 10:15 PM

Even Buck-o sucks in his gut long enough to admit:

"Indeed, Samsa is the Marla Anders to teh l4m3's Wilma Deering."

Bow down, you vegemite-scarfing scum!!!

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Comments for Newsflash, Gregor
You will rue the day you did this to me!

Hey, people don't tear down interweb celebutantes...Stolichnaya does.

Wilma Deering may be hot, but Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons lives near me and shops at the same CompUSA and my old video store. I saw her there scoping out digital cameras. She still looks as good as ever.

By the way, I have eaten both Vegemite and Marmite but NEVER in the form of a sandwich or a spread. Mostly I just use it as stock for soup. I'll agree that it's an acquired taste!

Your word verification feature seems to want to remember my previous entries. How so very helpful.

Chuckles are you talking about Lynda Carter?

Is it true that Marmite is extracted forcibly, rudely, and obscenely from marmosets?

Lynda(or is it Linda?) Carter Indeed!

Acuvue Lens, please!

My Dad once used an old jar of marmite as a temporary seal on one of our car's engine's hoses. He just smeared a bunch of that crap on it and we drove on.

Never have I ever...again eaten Marmite.

No animals are hurt in the production of Marmite/Vegemite just poor little yeasties.

Gregor, I simply don't believe you. Why? Because you're the descendant of convicts, that's why!

I used to think that chick from Buck Rogers was hot... I kinda still do.

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