Halloween Parade

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Halloween Parade..."

No, sorry, the Hello Panda belongs to me and me alone. Thanks for stopping by!


(Music kindly provided by Lou Reed and that "Southern queen/actin' mean")

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Comments for Halloween Parade

God, how I love japanese candy (or "japandy" if you're pressed for time).

Ken, we don't serve your kind of candy -- you know, TruckStop Brand "SemenPops!"

And res, don't be a rice queen.

Damn, teh!

Oh the Tootsie Roll, how I adore it in all of it's chocolatey chewy goodness.

My personal faves are the candy corn (natch), followed by the Botan rice candies, with their fake plastic inner gluten wrapping and their hint of lemony goodness...So subtle, so joyful...Mmm, gluten...

I think I might be in love with your blog.

With three kids, Halloween is very tiring.

sweet delicious panda

I'm gonna have to egg your blog, now. All but one of the candies you are giving out suck. The unnamed one second from the top. The bamboo pops or whatever. Those are good.

But Tootsie Pops? What is this The Suck Fest 2005? Those are the go-home-and-cry consolation prize of Halloween.

Those are glorious Tootsie Rolls. Don't knock those. Also, I love me some candy corn. Awesome.

In deference to the other nerds I did not make that my official candy. I am glad to see it get the respect it deserves. Ignore the plebes.

botan rice candy RULES.

however, it was better back in the day when you got a real prize, a la crackerjack. now you only get a twat sticker.

Does anyone else eat the candy corn by layer? I swear that each has it's own distinct flavor but I know that can't be true.

Pinko Punko hates candy corn. He's weird.

Gregor: YES!!! I sometimes eat the white tips first, sometimes the yellow bases. And sometimes, I get those mutant corns that are almost all yellow or all white, and I swear the different layers have slightly different flavors.

Though I could be wrong...

I also eat candy corn in sections, which is clearly how the Intelligent Designer intended it to be eaten. Why else would He have so neatly delineated the sections with bright, appealing colors?

Oh, and as re: the "rice queen" comment...you're goin' down.

Ha ha. Res said "goin' down."

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