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OK, this is probably ill-advised, but here goes...

I am with this post putting out an open call for donations -- begging and pleading on my well-worn knees, my calloused and paper-cut hands clasped in supplication. Specifically, for VHS tapes, DVDs and audios (CD and/or cassettes) for my impoverished, inadequate rural library. What's in it for you? Frankly, almost nothing except the knowledge that you've done good, and a receipt for tax purposes if you so request it.

Forthwith, here is teh l4m3's Amazon Wish List on behalf of the abovementioned institution ("used" items should be fine, too). Please note that my interests are not so much in Hollywood blockbusters and popular music as in materials which may be more difficult to procure by other means. The hoped for result is a multimedia center which will appeal to patrons of all walks of life -- specifically in a town populated mostly by lower-income white and Latino families, a few African Americans and East Asians, as well as a sizeable Hindu-speaking population, and that has neither a bookstore or video rental store for miles.

Alternately, if you have in-kind donations you'd like to ship to me (esp. those that are in good-to-new condition, and that clearly match the general the areas of my requests listed above), please use the e-mail link below to contact me for more information.

Now here's the deal: I can't offer any specifics* (names, places**, etc.) here on Freedom Camp. So please email me for more information, such as a statement of 501(c)3 status and financials (which, of course, I will kindly ask you, my cyberpals, never to mention in the same breath as yours truly, so that I might continue posting here scabrously, insultingly, and nastily with impunity.) Thank you!

*In the interests of disclosure, and for your peace of mind, rest assured that I'm pursuing all available channels to better this repository of knowledge, and that I am making quite a bit of headway in terms of acquisitions -- mainly and for now in the areas of recent fiction, as well as non-fiction in the areas of military, local history, and agricultural science. In other words, I'm not just putting up some half-assed Amazon list while otherwise doing jack-shit.

**Be advised that the city listed as the location for shipping of items on the Amazon Wishlist is not the city where my library branch is located; rather, it is the closest place I could get an anonymous P.O. Box near my remote, woodsy abode.

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Comments for Wishin' & Hopin'...
we may have emptied out all the VHS last time we moved, but I will check with GC! Also, you gots to be giving out candy for halloween at Freedom Camp (see 3Bs! for details)

Would be awesome if you had anything -- 'specially along the lines of historical documentaries, how-tos in the genres of animal husbandry, farming, gardening, and studying for children. Not to mention good foreign and independent cinema...

Probably not until next week. Too bad you couldn't time it to coincide with the tiara!

You need to work on your cross-promotional tie-ins.

That "Lost Letters Home" looks good. I might have to get it for myself.

N: You should. I've seen it.

And see how great my taste is? Clearly, they're lucky to have me working there.


A couple of items off the Amazon wish list are on their way. (Well, they've been ordered, so they'll be on their way soon.) :)

Jess, you da man. Check your e-mail!

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