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Splenda In The Grass, otherwise your one-stop-shopping center for lovely, sweaty-feelings-causing rugby pics, is also the home of a wonderful (and I suspect, sexy) new friend of the library.

This is how a real man does it!!!

[P.S. I know there were a couple of other benefactors, but since I can't possibly know who you are, the best I can offer is this anonymous shout-out, and acknowledge that you guys are in the same league as our big-splenda mentioned above.]

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Comments for The Splendiferous Jess
Wow. I didn't expect a tribute! *blush*

Well, it's for a good cause, so I'm happy to assist!


Pinko Punko is out of town! Get out the f-bomb and drop by.
  • Posted at 8:51 AM | By Anonymous Pinko Punko Groupie

HaHaHaHa, PupH is totally bagging on you at 3B!

Word on the street is that the Rue may begin tomorrow!

Okay, I bought a present for your little "library". Wish I could get the whole list, but I work for a non-profit too, so I know you understand. :)

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