I'm Goin' Down...

Ore : 11:12 AM

Or so say Res, Gregor, and Mary J. Blige.

Little do they know...

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Comments for I'm Goin' Down...
Sucks to be her.

You dare to incite the mighty RES? It's been nice knowing you!!

Sparky is cute just like PupH. Looks like he's a short haired border collie mix?! I meant to comment in the Sparky thread but I forgot. PupH, in real life, doesn't have a name just about 100 jillion nicknames.

She just feel into red-neck HELL!

Someone with gif-builder should alter that so that flames shoot up out of the hole after she falls in.

MAN - where did you get that, where did it happen, and what happened to that big bitch?

i've shown that to at least 3 people and we've all watched it, like, 1000 times. and cringe every time.

MySpace weirdos find the coolest graphics...

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