Hey, Res, Pop, and (occasionally) Gregor:

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We're cured!!!

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I'll have you know that I naturally secrete copious amounts of Hetaracil.

Uh, Pop just got married, and res is totally straight. I've never seen such an over-compensating "gay" man my whole life.
  • Posted at 10:20 PM | By Anonymous Capt. Trollypants

CT, I thought you were on vacation with Pinko Punko?!

Gregor: I believe that's the generic, foreign version, and therefore not fit for George W. Bush's Uhmur'ka, GOD BLESS!!!

And CT, why don't you tell your Dad to come over to my place -- HE FORGOT HIS RAINBOW THROW!

ROTFLMAO @ "res is totally straight"

Straight to bed with guys, dude.

Teh, that site would be funny if I didn't have one terrifying little moment where I have to stop and think "wait, this isn't real, is it?" Because you guys know, right, that if they could cure teh gay, they'd make all the little gay kids take Heteracil, and that would be the end of us?

Sometimes I hate straight people. Except for CT, because he sexes me up real good.

Define vacation, Gregor. Punkass dragged me to some stupid scientific meeting about bullshit and peopel that don't believe intelligent design. I heckled the shit out of his presentation though. it would have gone well, but I threw cheddar corn at him the whole time. I have to suffer through another three whole days of this. BLECH!!!!!!
  • Posted at 5:28 PM | By Anonymous Capt. Trollypants

"Cheddar corn"? So that's what the kids in San Fernando Valley are calling it these days...

Too much brilliance in this thread to just single out one comment. Good work. Gold stars all around.

My Word Verification: vhomy

Ha, ha. Mine in another thread?


i am at a loss. a loss, i tell you.

firstly, why is that dude carrying that rainbow thing in that pic? what the fuck IS that thing?

second, my behavioral feminism has nothing to do with an untapped level of homosexuality. it has everything to do with being raised by a single mom and being forced to wear her clothes. well, that and then being forced to dance for strangers.

finally, it has become hideously apparent that teh l4m3 is 100% head over heels in love with me. totally understandable - i love the hell out of myself.

Yes, I am absolutely in lurve with you, Pop, otherwise I wouldn't come visit you so often.

"...being forced to dance for strangers."

Are you Nancy, from Sin City?

I'd like to see the p value on the stats from the clinical trials for this drug. I am not convinced this is the cure for the big 'mo disease. I am however convinced that being involved with Drew Carey, Eric Estrada and the Rev Jesse Jackson in a three-some could change a gay man's desires.

AG, I fear your proposal is flawed. You may wish to replace variable Erik E. with a few gobbets of Bruce Villanch.

or dennis hastert.

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