Morality: An Object Lesson

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Ahmed Ismail Khatib
1992 - 2005

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Comments for Morality: An Object Lesson
hoo, boy.

I chose that as the title because of recent posts I've done touching on modern conservative America's moral incompetence (to coin a phrase), and then Res Republica's take on Bush's "ethics refresher courses."

Ethics, schmethics - that's just some evil terrorist ploy to make Israelis feel guilty for shooting the kid!

No organs for guilt! No organs for guilt!

Egad! That is shittay.

Wow. What a thing for those parents to do.

We live in a sick and crazy world. And I have to say -- I'm getting reeeeallly tired of it.

It could be argued, IMHO, that the fact that people like Ahmed's parents exist mitigates the sickness and craziness of this world to the point that it is still worth living in.

See? If they could just stop shooting each other. And we would just stop supporting Israel, we could have peace in over there.

Well. Doesn't that just put the smegma frosting on the turd cupcake that is my mood today. *sigh*

I wonder if Santa will bring me 1994 for Christmas? You know, back when everything didn't suck dirty asshole?

"...smegma frosting on the turd cupcake..."

You know, check, Res -- I think there's a fetish for that. And whoever posted an ad should lighten your mood right up!

I feel a bitch slap coming on!

From me, Brian? Oh, noes. The post is enough. It's funny how often truth can speak for itself without being framed.

Oh, you meant from Res. Neverminds.

The kick in the ass is that in the Jewish faith you cannot donate organs. However, I see you can take 'em.

It is a really good thing to live in a world where hypocrisy still rules supreme and books like 'Of Panadas and People' has gone from selling about 125 a month to more than 300.

On an entirely unrelated note, 3 Bulls! have inspired me to write a monograph on the Jonah Goldbergensis entitled "Of Empanadas and Freeple."

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