Rats From A Sinking Ship?

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I know this is just a measly comment from me on Pepper's spectacular blog, but IMHO it bears repeating -- with the caveat that she and I could be hallucinating, of course. It could just be coincidence, a convergence, if you will; perhaps "Maverick" McCain just appears to be getting an undue amount of exposure because a) the torture issue has been a little more front and center lately, and he's a former guest of the Hanoi Hilton; b) it was just Veteran's Day, and he's a vet; and c) he's got a new book out.

Maybe we're wrong; maybe there isn't some behind-the-scenes effort to get McCain and "McCain types" (i.e., slightly more left of Dobson and DeLay than the Stupidchabra of Crawford) more attention. But maybe I'm right.

At any rate, Pepper asks: "McCain: More Overexposed Than Nicole Richie's Bellybutton?"

To which I answered:

I know exactly why he's being so overexposed [even tho' I'm speculating wildly -- hee hee! In your face, blogger ethics panel!], aside from the usual new book promotion: the reactionary, ├╝ber-corporatist, super-duper right-wing, "Adam-and-Eve-rode-dinosaurs-to-church," Bushista wing of the Republican party is diminishing -- its star is falling. And the rightists among the media elite and Washington punditocracy are tripping over themselves to find a new zeitgeist, a new man to get behind: In a word, McCain. So five years from now, when Bush and everyone connected with him is utterly disgraced, dipshits like Tucker Carlson can still dare to show their mugs on CNN and go, "well, I was tossing McCain's salad before McCain was even cool..."

Just thought I'd see what others thought...Okay, off to work.

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Comments for Rats From A Sinking Ship?
I agree, but that ships gonna go down pretty fast when we all realize that McCain is an asshole, and how can he claim to be principled, he's a senator, everythign we know now we knew then, and he didn't have the balls to not hug Bush. He's a Bush hugger. Always will be.

We'll see. If he does become more prominent and ambitious post-Bush, that's the millstone our side will have to make sure is constantly hanging from his neck.

McCain is a turd, a faux maverick and one of the more blatant political opportunists out there.

Goldwater may have been a nut in his earlier days but later in life I think that he came to regret many of his earlier views and the coservative movement that he helped to start. McCain ain't fit to hold Barry's seat and will never be President.

Ha Ha, they are falling back on McCain now. His health wont hold up enough to campaign that hard.

Was I too hard on Mulkin?

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