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I've decided I'm going conservative. Why? Because it turns out, all that stuff about
murders of detainees and white phosphorous and even Iraqi civilian casualties was completely fabricated. How do I know all this? Because Jim Massey, the entire mind, heart and soul of the anti-war movement -- indeed, of the Left itself! -- has been soundly debunked, that's why!

From now on, I'm all for privitization of every single thing in the world and unlimited powers for any Republican or conservative-aligned official, and, by the way, Cheney should be able to do whatever the hell he wants, 'cos it's not like the U.S. government would torture anyone anyway. I mean, when
Michelle's right, she's right!

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So are you trying to tell us that you're bi now? Or full on flaming wingnut?

*I'm* giving *John Stossel* moustache rides, baby!


Hey teh, are you in the Bay area-oni? Three Bulls! is thinking of a little Italian Beef run this weekend (sorry, the food kind). Maybe try to get fulsome and pop ren roped into as well?

I wish, but alas, I work on Saturday, and I also have to dogsit (and dadsit) for my mom when she goes down to L.A. to see my brother. Suck-ass.

well nothing is in stone, I was just thinkin'. We'll see how it goes, maybe no one can go and then we can try another time. Also, it would be fun to get the gang together just to do whatev (drink, rampage, Yahtze).


Please post something else to bump her picture down. Just looking at her nauseates me.

I just totally threw up in my mouth.

I just love how these fuckers long for an America of the past that never existed.

They just don't understand the nature of our constitution or the foundations of our society.

In other news: I am so down for an Italian Beef run around New Year's. I will likely be in SF then.

Chuckwago, what's you sched- Three Bulls! IS ROCKING THE AREA after the 29th. teh? fulsome? pop ren? where you at? They don't turn the heat on in my building those days, so maybe we should do it then?

if anyone's around, i'm spinning at sublounge in the mission this saturday night.

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I cant say her name without getting a Tourette Syndrome attack.


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