What Was That Famous Republican Quote...

Ore : 4:17 PM

...About a rising tide lifting all ships?

Happy Thanksgiving, folks...

UPDATE: From the comments, David Neiwert schools me on the real origins of the quote, which was later appropriated by voodoo economics witch doctors. My bad.

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Comments for What Was That Famous Republican Quote...
Bush ignores stories like this...doesn't want anyone to see him not crying.

Agreed. Those bullshit stories he gives about "comforting widows and mothers" and sharing his love with the survivors of war dead could not ring more false. He's clearly a heartless, out-of-touch piece of shit.

FWIW, although "A rising tide lifts all boats" is a favorite aphorism of the GOP, including the Wall Street set, it was actually first uttered by JFK back in 1962.

Thanks for pointing this story out. I'm going to try to link to it later today.

Wow, a bloglebrity (yes, you may shoot me, and shoot to kill, for using that word). I <3 Orcinus.

Anyway, thanks for the elucidation. You're right of course. It's one of those quotes, IIRC, Reaganites appropriated to help underscore the miracles of supply-side economics, and was made even more (in?)famous by them. Sort of like some Republican operatives cottoning to Old Joe Stalin's "No man, no problem."

That's a sweet picture though.

Isn't it, though? And it recalls for me a favorite phrase of my father's I could use to describe the Bush Administration: Like a bull in a china shop.

I still can't look at them without my eyes swelling with tears...the anger behind those tears will be what drives me...

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