It's True!

Ore : 8:28 PM

Although I was kind of expecting Rerun...

You are Woodstock!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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Comments for It's True!
I got hosed with Rerun.

I think you are a cross between Woodstock and Marcie.

That's a complement. Marcie is very loyal.

If I'm (part) Marcie, who's my Peppermint Patty?

I'm Pigpen. I champion the rights of others!

Snoopy. Natch!

No no no no, it's who's your Charlie Brown.

There was always somethign odd about Marcie, not just in the Pepperment Patty way.

Hey, I'm Woodstock, too!

I'm glad. I always liked Woodstock.

i was the teacher
wha whaaooo whouh whuuh

I did this a few weeks ago with UC and I was Woodstock and his was bossy Lucy. Boy was he pissed!

Today, I am Franklin. It's true, I go my own way when I want to. I am a free spirit that is unpredictable and I heart that. I still think Lucy is apt for UC.

Good grief!

FT clearly is the teacher.

And there's something about Marcie...I think she used to be in the French Resistance.

I'm Snoopy!

I kinda figured. Snoopy is a complex character.

i am schroeder - hardly a surprise.

wasn't rerun on 'what's happening?'

i was a woodstock as well...(in ron burgandy voice) BROTHER.

my inability to garner positive results with almost all of these damn quizzes has SCARED me quiz less.
im pleased you obtained positive results.

It says I'm Weird Harold.

Gavin, would that be the only adult character, the one with the moustache who cruises around in a van with a teardrop window and offers the children candy?
  • Posted at 2:39 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous


My dignity, good sir or ma'am. And for your information, the custom windows are shaped like keyholes.

Schroeder! How the hell am I...never mind...

You my homeslice, O fellow Woodstock!

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