What I Am Grateful For

Ore : 11:26 AM

* Life and health.
* My family and friends.
* All my goofy interweb homies.
* Panda-brand black licorice.
* Dan Simmons.
* The Star-Spangled Banner (oodles better than God Bless America, IMHO).
* Massive, uncircumsized penises.
* Henry Weinhardt's Black Cherry Creme Soda.
* Julianne Moore.
* Cold venison.
* Chris Walla.
* Hello Panda.
* That Pinochet's meeting sweet, sweet
* Most of all, I am grateful that this, too, shall pass.

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Comments for What I Am Grateful For
julianne moore...YES! DEAR GOD, YES!

we love you, teh!

happy usa thanksgiving

Like there's truly anythng to be thankful for................

I am most grateful for my Wonder Woman Underoos and that Bush cannot be relected in 2008.

AG: Hear, hear.

Martini: Such negativity...*tsk*tsk*


What about Jim Thome's package?

Ah, thanks, my Kafkaesque little friend.

Yes, I am also grateful for Jim Thome's MAGNIFICENT BULGING PACKAGE!

I forgot to add in my "thankful" post that I'm thankful for Sufjan Stevens and all the other indie hotties out there, as well . . .

Ah, VV, I got Walla, and was hoping you would catch Sufjan...

i also prefer these: massive uncircumsized penises
i also prefer the star-spangled banner ....god bless america is weak and not as good.
i also hope to be a goofy interweb homie of yours DUDE!
i think you guys should have thanks giving when we do it makes the holidays SO MUCH less stressful.

I forgot one more thing I am grateful for:

being able to achieve multiples.

Oh my! Did I type that?!

I heart big boy packages, but I like my cut down at eight days.

AG, you know it is a Sponge Bob bra and panty set.

teh, I was just waxing to the missus what a genius you were and I got the "are you waxing on about teh AGAIN expression" but I'm sorry, it's true.

Weinhardts Root Beer is exquisite but you must try it not quite chilled, there is some sophistication that comes out when it is closer to room temperature.

The Star Spangled really does it for me as well, while God Bless America is pedestrian and monotonous. We part ways on the Star Spangled HUmongous Uncircumcised Cock I am afraid.

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