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Not trying to create dichotomies where they don't exist; I'm not asserting that each item is mutually exclusive of its listed counterpart. Just trying to find things that one side hates with rough equivalents for the other side.

In other words, it's a rainy day and I'm bored.


Tom Tomorrow}{Cox & Forkum
regulation}{unfettered industry
no more 2nd Amendment}{no more Constitution
equal rights for everyone}{special rights for rich, white, heterosexual males
government run like a government}{government run like a corporation
health care for people}{health care for profit
Desmond Tutu}{William J. Bennett
Boondocks}{The Leftersons
Arianna Huffington}{Glenn Reynolds
San Francisco}{Sugar Land
liberal Marines}{Bush-licking mercs
Riverbend}{Iraqthemodel (for now, anyway)
Nancy Pelosi}{Tom DeLay
privacy}{PATRIOT Act, pro-life politicos, McCarthyesque lists
pommes frites}{Freedom Fries
Al Franken}{Bill O'Rielly
Star Spangled Banner}{God Bless America
Ha'aretz op-ed pages}{Likudnik columnists
It Takes A Village}{It Takes A Family
people over property}{property over people
Wesley Clark}{Ollie North
The Nation}{The National Review
David Neiwert}{Michelle Malkin
habeas corpus}{indefinite and unconvicted incarceration
afflicting the comfortable}{afflicting the afflicted
Willie Nelson}{Toby Keith
The New Deal}{The Reagan Revolution
wars to stop genocide and/or right-wing dictators}{wars to line pockets
up-to-date textbooks}{Of Pandas And People
forced re-education by the left}{extermination by the right
one-world government}{eternal war

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Comments for Je suis chasse pour les bêtes noires
Not trying to create dichotomies where they don't exist; I'm not asserting that each item is mutually exclusive of its listed counterpart.

A Derrida fan, are you?

Can you believe I've never read anything by Jacques Derrida? Probably has something with never having attended college...[gulp]

Healthcare for profit isn't the problem or the opposite of healthcare for all. It's private health coverage (that includes non profit and for profit insurers).

Here's the deal, AG: I never meant to imply that any given pair includes exact opposites (see my intro paragraph). Although I see now that it would have been more accurate to posit that "universal health care" is the real bête noire of the right; my original was perhaps a bit unfair. But oh, well -- it's my shitty blog, dammit.



liberal Marines}{Bush-licking mercs

Why do I have an image of Oliver North licking the crust off of Dow Jones's ass?

Elmo: You know, I had a picture of that, but old Fawn stuffed it up her "Hall."

Derrida is incredibly difficult stuff. I am still not sure I ever fully understood what he was talking about. I once told a prof that it was like reading "Who's On First?" in Farsi.

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