A Heckuva Job, Brownie

Ore : 8:35 PM

"Two medium size logs that intertwined in the bowl like sleeping puppies. Sandy brown and foul smelling. Quite satisfactory."


(Pass the TP to AG at RoD; I hear she's out.)

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Comments for A Heckuva Job, Brownie
I can't stop watching the Pillsbury doughboy poop.

Congratulations! Just when I thought the level of interweb discourse couldn't get any lower...


Is that brownie chip cookie dough?

I find the legs particularly disturbing since they look more like, well, you know. . .

That is disgusting and I cannot spare a square.

I heart Poppin' and Poppie. I used to get the dolls every year from my grandparents for a holiday gift.

I don't know if I heart them so much now with your sick display.


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