Sekshural HEEE-LEEENG (Yee-Haw)

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Yes, I'm totally missing the point, but if you live in Texas's 6th Congressional District, you have a shot at having the hottest representative EVAH!!!

David T. Harris: Veteran. Citizen. Leader. Hot damn.

(And so what if he married? Shoot, girl...)

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Does he have a horse? Is he the kind of man who will give gifts of ponies? I want a pony.

He's from PA, the Mississippi of the east -- that reduced his hot factor for me! I also think my brother may have trained him in GA. (That's a story for another time).

Don't hate, but there is this hottie too: and he's not married. Though, it's legal where he is...

Strangely he'd be much hotter if he was riding a bannana!

PS Amazon informs me you're still due one more shipment probably after christmas - Charlotte's Web I believe.

He's from Philadelphia. I can think of nowhere LESS like Mississippi.

Now, BETWEEN Philly and Pittsburg, that's Mississippi.

And, yes, he's hot. I like'im in uniform. A lot.

IG: He lives in Texas. I'd be surprised if he didn't have one...

AG: For shame, girl!

Gregor: Naughty, naughty boy. Oh, and snap, 'cuz I already wrote you a letter. Oh, well, I'll write you another one. Thanks!

Smarty: Check out his "military gallery" then.

qneelaa: Glamazon tranny barbarian huntress!

jesus, teh, between you and vestal vespa's lust for patrick fitzgerald...this is what a lefty hunk looks like.

Smarty--point taken. I just have no use for the state, including Philadelphia which only "cleaned" up for the Republican convention.

Perhaps Congress would be a better place if it had more hot boys.

tribute to teh at my page!!

AG, I used to live there and they were cleaning up Philly long before the elephants marched on the city. It's been a long re-birthing process in Philly.

I was there during the Rep. convention. It was a strange time. Especially since Philly is so left-leaning.

The middle of the state is very, very different. Think militia groups.

Yeah, he can just go on ahead and STICK IT IN!

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