Sunday Hottie Gallery

Ore : 11:59 AM

Worshipping at the altar of succulent studs...

D.B. Woodside

Principal Robin "Gives Me" Wood

Alex Despatie


Charlie Day

A scuzzy little guilty pleasure

Russell Wong

Mu gu gai hunk

Jim Thome

Swing that bat, goober

Ian Anthony Dale

Hate the new show, love the smile

Oded Fehr

The Israeli Navy's loss is our gain

And the good lord made 'em all. Amen, biotches.

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Comments for Sunday Hottie Gallery
If I'm playing which one of these things doesn't look like the other I'd have to say that it's Thome or Day. Of course they all pale in comparison to yours truly.


By the way, thanks for degrading me by not posting a picture with at least a chica in the background that I could comment on. Thanks a bunch!

You love the degradation. That's why you come, my little cockroach!


Hello, nurse! I feel dirty looking at those hotties, and that's saying something because I'm about ready to see Bai Ling pump out a cover of "I Touch Myself" on national television. ewwww....

Ooh, tell Gregor. He's dying for some hot Bai Ling action, I can tell.

resfluas: for the rest ofl uas.

damnit to hell. I commented on this like a million years ago and where is my comment? DELETED???


That last guy seems pretty trashy.

david hasselhoff is dreamier than all of those men

PP: He looks a lot less trashy since he cut his hair. Besides, that's a pic from Deuce Bigelow.

FT: Hasselhoff needs a waxing and a one-way ticket to Germany.

Oded Fehr can just go ahead and STICK IT IN, because he's hot. He's beyond hot. He's HIZOT!!

"mu gu gai hunk"? Someone needs to smack your knuckles with a ruler, sinner.


A man with an SS arm band is OK.

One with an SS arm band and a banana is smokin' hot!

Good grief.

A man with an SS arm band is OK.

One with an SS arm band and a banana is smokin' hot!

Good grief.

Hottie Sunday. Just what I need to fend off the pre-Monday blues.

Alex Despatie - LOVE him i remember when he was SUPER young (like even younger) and first stepped on the diving scene. damn what a diver and NOW what a hottie and diver.

Gus: hells yes! When I heard the name come up for the 2004 Olympics, I thought of the pimply-faced little Quebecois brat who did so well at Barcelona that year (I have a satellite dish), and who was so embarassed about his braces. But then he stepped out on that platform and I was like BOING! He's a man, baby!

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