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How about a stinker from Renew America's Sam Weaver, Alan Keyes's part-time cabana boy and full-time Napoleon Dynamite dinner theatre player? His latest, crawling creepily through my dial-up connection in its maroon molester van (complete with teardrop window), is nastily and bizarrely entitled "It depends on her virtue." It's written with all the mindless punctuation and phronemophobia you've come to expect from this august Internet institution:

"I am an optimist, but I am also a realist."

My Vitalis-scented hair is real, but my face is made of naugahyde.

"I know that neither the Global War against Islamo-fascism nor the current major front of this war -- Operation Iraqi Freedom -- can be won unless and until we suppress our enemies on the home front."

And they're not who you think!

"Who are these enemies on the home front? They are the very same horde who brought humiliation and defeat for America (not to mention the great people of Vietnam!) in the Vietnam War. They are the peaceniks and the global relativists. They are the uber-liberals and the Bush-haters in Congress, in the media, and in academia."

Ha ha. Okay, so they are.

"They are the bunch who wanted Saddam Hussein to be tried in The Hague, where he would have had a good chance at a 'fair trial.' To this bunch, a 'fair trial' for Saddam means acquittal -- if for no other reason than to rub it in the face of the despised, 'evil' George W. Bush. After all, 'evil' is such a relative term!'"

"Ignoring" that the last sentence made absolutely (as opposed to relatively) no "sense," I actually had hoped that Saddam would be tried before the ICC, if only because I was sure we would have found out oh so many interesting things about our current Secretary of Defense and others who work for the Bush White House. So very many interesting things...

Say, little girl,
want some candy?

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Pedro? Is that you?

OK so the fuckign verification word could be:






wasn't gdbgo


Your naugehyde comment is spot on. I kept on looking at his picture to see if it's real or fake. I'm still not so sure.

He reminds me of an uglier and creepier Bud Cort circa Harold and Maude.


Oh. Gross. Teardrop. Window. Need. Bath. In. Tub. Of. Bleach.

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Didn't the "dick-head" hair style go out in the 70's? Is it making a comeback?

What other hairstyle would go with that moustache?

Damn those Bush-haters for defeating the great people of Vietnam!

Didn't the "dick-head" hair style go out in the 70's? Is it making a comeback? Yeah because you know that dude is on the forefront of the fashion scene. I've never heard it referred to as the "dick-head" style but now that you mention it....

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