Night Whispers

Ore : 7:46 PM

Perhaps my last post was excessively alarmist. But maybe not.

I think my point about the man-on-the-street bit interviews at Sacto International (fer crying out loud...) being majorly stupid still stands.

Anyway, to smooth any ruffled feathers, please partake of the enjoyably histrionic vocal stylings of Miss Stacy Lattisaw...

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Comments for Night Whispers
She's hot. What's her number?

I'm afraid I couldn't get it as she was "sneakin' out"!


Absolutely, the average man on the street is an idiot. No question.

As for the last post, you had some good points and real concerns. Even if the shooting was justified, I recognize your concerns, including the failure of our handling of the mentally ill.

WHY for god's sake do you keep bringing this pudgy bitch up?

by the way - this blog makes me type the longest word verification in history and, in fact, this entire sentence was what i had to type in the box.

Ex-ski-yewzzz me. I happen to find her ineffably compelling.

Besides, she grew out of the baby fat -- right around the time everyone stopped paying attention to her.


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