Friday Music Disappointment

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You know who I can do without? She Wants Revenge. Easily the most useless band to break this year. Oh, what, poor wittle boy didn't like his meth-crash? So now he's got deep songs about his personal life in the context of aforementioned crash? Give me a fucking break. You sound like Ethel Merman doing a spoken word of Prince b-sides. Step aside, make more room for real musicians.

Justin Warfield, I'd say your only saving grace is your fuckability, except for the fact that I wouldn't allow my dick to be tainted by sharing even the same ZIP code with your odd little greasy mug -- forget letting you suck it.

PS: I've seen DiG! like, one and a half times, and I still don't get it: what exactly is the source of the bad blood between Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols? Pinko? UC? Anyone?

PPS: I'm naughty not to have included a positive alternative to my destructive criticism: The Joggers be where it's at, yo.

Hey, guy.

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Comments for Friday Music Disappointment
I've yet to see the movie, but I'm pretty sure the bad blood came from previous psychotic/stalker episodes by Courtney. You'd think that would be in the movie. It's not?

it was a fight over scrabble

cool earth music here

The "bad blood" was kind of upped for the movie, also Anton became a little bit obsessed with the Dandy's record deal. Dig is a terrible film with some entertaining footage. The director is absolutely clueless and I love the fact that Anton rants on his webpage about the drugsin the car when they got busted in Georgia as being hers. Basically she had 1000 hours of footage but since she never knew what movie she wanted/had she just wittled it down. You know what Ondi? That's what they call a rough draft. It's just oh so "Real World" with bands!

pinko is pretty much all there with it.

Ah, well then. That kind of makes sense. Although Indy's comment gives something of an explanation for "Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth" and "Whatever Hippie Bitch."

fatrobot has never been wronger. That's why I heart him.

I saw The Joggers last week, they were pretty good.

My 2006 prediction The Pale Pacific will break hearts.

fulsome, is you post up yet>


I disagree that Dig was a bad movie. The director might be a totally terrible manipulative druggie and may have created more than enough of her own drama, but none of really detracted from the movie for me. Especially because we didn't know it until afterwards when Anton wrote his bit on BJM's website. PP accurately described the source of the tension, though, as portrayed in the movie.

"Especially because we didn't know it until afterwards when Anton wrote his bit on BJM's website."

if you followed the band you'd have known. =)

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