And We're What, Shocked?

Ore : 8:04 AM

Bush OKs NSA Spying On Americans.

Will there be any consequences for this? Ha!

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Comments for And We're What, Shocked?
You might not want to say too many bad things about him.

The govt. might be hacking into your mainframe.

Oh yeah. I'm sure right now is when he's going to be held accountable. This was it. Finally people are going to start giving a shit enough to shake things up.

I wish. :(

N: What a stupid turd. Easily the worst president since Hoover.

How's that?

No qualifications needed: worst president ever.

Incredible, isn't it? They let old tithead get away with whatever he wants. The NYTimes even holds the friggin' story for a year! Flagrant abuse of power and Americans couldn't give a shit less. This is one pisspoor excuse for a democracy.

Come on, now, let's be fair...Prez Bush is more like a press secretary for Cheney's agendas and big oil's lobbyist than he is a real president.

He's a dancing bear with a coke habit, not a president.

He should still be sent to jail for all the people he's killed. After all, even if he is a press secretary, he still signed his name to those documents that sent people to kill and die in Iraq.

Impeach Bush. Change the Supreme Court. Abolish the Patriot Act and be done with it.

In that order...

Today the Bush administration and their Republican cronies were dealt a huge blow. The Senate refused to reauthorize a number of provisions to the Patriot Act.

People are beginning to wake up.

Now that people are aware of Bush's further abuse of power in the latest scandal to hit the headlines, perhaps they will actually start to think for a change instead of following whatever is fed to them by conservative spinmasters.

W00T!!! Buyer's remorse is the shit, isn't it?

dinol (can you believe it?)

I though that the Patriot Act was not renewed this time becuase Frist and his asshole buddies didn't like the current policy. It was left alone because it wasn't tough enough for him. That was the impression I got from MSNBC, but I could waaay wrong.(I say that a lot.)

The deadline is the 31st, so we can rest assured that there is still time to lose therst of our liberties.

Seriously, how could the NYT hold that fucking story? Keller has got to go. The whol goddamned news room should go on strike. What the hell is that shit? What the f*ck is going on? I cannot believe this.

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