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I know there's a lot to think about right now, what with finding out we are detaining and possibly torturing children, and the fact that the president is forcing the country into a Constitutional crisis, but this story really got my goat. Quickly, before I take off:

First of all, a shame-on-you to whoever acquiesced to the FBI's request to see these records. You are disgusting and unAmerican -- possibly a traitor. There is no excuse for this. None.

I am proud and glad to inform my fellow internees that our library system uses a database program that, since early 2002, has not required patrons' social security numbers. Furthermore, upon the checking in of a book that has been returned, there is no longer any record that a given patron had a given book -- the information is immediately scrubbed by the database. Short of a very public court order, there is no way anyone is getting our patron records -- what little we actually keep.

To whatever spooks are reading this, I fucking defy you. If any of my patrons checks out Mao's Little Red Book, or the Anarchist's Cookbook, or the collected works of Karl Marx, or the Turner Diaries, or Malkin's Unhinged, or what-fucking-ever, and you want to find out about it from me, you can kiss my hard, shapely ass. Fuck you.

Now I gotta go to work...

UPDATE: Okay, egg on our faces. But my point still stands.

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Fuckin-A right!

Kiss his ass! HIM! Yeah, the one you're pointing at! That's him right there! You got him? Good.

Now, there is the small matter of the money you people owe me. The payment? you know, the one you offered me for teh l4m3?

Gak! Herk! (Other associated sounds of a garotting going well.)


Have you heard of the town in Orgeon that voted to remove the Patriot Act from their jurisdiction? The town passed some kind of injunction refusing to follow any of the requirements and regulations in the Act. I can't remember the name, but it near the end of the movie "Unconstitutional" produced by the "Uncovered" people.

stoolie: You are a snitch! A 3 Bulls snitch! Your ass is grass...

chuckles: No, I didn't see it. I'll keep a look out.

I've been banned at "stop the ACLU"
You can catch the original posts here.

I hate this as much as you do.

Don't worry, Nölf, if you ever come to California and check something out at my library, the gubmint will never find out what it was.

Unless they hack your records.

Nolff, anonymouse browsing. Is weird with comments, but you can get around banning.

Seriously, Teh, the Bush illogic has been masterful before now, but now, it is really at an impossible level of illogic. Who the fuck are these people?

I've got to admit that if I had access to library records I might do a little snooping but that would be for good not evil!

The works of Karl Marx are a-sittin' on Dr. Pepper's and my library shelf. And we're not even Communists! (Although my brother-in-law called me a Socialist ...) We happen to have a little curiosity about how the rest of the world thinks. Does that make us traitorous? I think not! It means we study history!

Crap. I played Eugene V. Debs in a high-school debate recreation. They're gonna get me now!

PS - Librarians rock.

Yeah! You're a good man!

Especially librarians with hard, shapely asses.

There's a surprising amount of heavy lifting in my job.

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