When Shrub Is Finally Convicted...

Ore : 10:28 PM

What should his sentence be?

1. A lifetime of hanging bedpans in Iraqi and VA hospitals.
2. Watching Bill O'Reilly "perform" with his partner and box full o' tricks.
3. Doing his funny dance in a shower of white phosphorus.
4. Holding Daryn Kagan's bangs while she performs some unspeakable girlfriendly duty.
5. Beginning each day with a drag off of a depleted uranium inhaler.

What do you think? Leave your entries in the comments section.

Light posting this week, 'cuz of xmas. Stupid presents.

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Comments for When Shrub Is Finally Convicted...
I'm going with #2 right now

Ewww, troy, you are such a filthy bitch. The only way you could get filthier is with going for number 4...

I think we should perfect genetic engineering and make Shrub smarter so that every day, he will fully understand just how badly he fucked so many people in the world; how his buddies' war cost the US nearly everything; how his callous disregard for faith, decency and human life are the source of so much pain and suffering today. I just want him to understand how turly awful the decisions made in his name have been.

Eventually, he would not be ablet o live with his new found consience and kill himself by autoerotic asphyxiation while watching some sheep hump in Crawford.

shave his balls with a rusty razor

Remember what they did to Mussolini? There's my vote.

Go on a date and get nookie from Deena and her twin sister, Leena.

Does Deena have a brother that Dubya could go out with?

Maybe we could get a blue whale that has been choking on all the pollutants Shrubbie has let out into the oceans come onshore and sodomize Shrubbie. I would pay to see that.

Especially if the whale was a real moaner.

Dang, remind me not to be held in a prison where the wardens are either Teh or Chuckles. I vote for Teh's #4 and Chuckles GE experiment.

make him get blowjobs from linda tripp while laura watches.

Make Shrubbie give Linda Tripp blow jobs while Jenna and her sister watch with their eyes peeled open.

Then, during the day, he can clean up New Orleans with a mop, bucket, Brownie and the inmates from OZ.

hsrhyjp: I am not touching this one.

Chuckles: perhaps it was "hershey johnson pull"?

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