Merry Christmas Eve, Douche-Pumps

Ore : 7:46 AM

Per my family's tradition, wherein we are each allowed to open one present the day before Christmas, here are two:

For the wingnut who, when told about the NSA's (and others') snoopings, says "I don't mind losing the 4th Amendment, I've got nothing to hide," why don't you unwrap this, dumb-ass?

And for my right-thinking (that is to say, leftish), red-blooded, American straight boy (and not to mention lovely lezzie) readers, a gift from the New Caliphate to you.

(Can you tell I do my shopping at DailyRotten?)

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Comments for Merry Christmas Eve, Douche-Pumps
...and that's the real meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Good grief!

She's definitely a HOTTIE!!!! I accept her totally! Best post EVER!!!!

WV: bungbwfr - GODDAMIT TEH it's Christmas!!!!

Gregor: I'd much rather see American tax dollars thrown behind her than behind the likes of Chalabi...


happy holidays, little teh l4m3 who.

The very merriest, blog brutha.

She is rather attractive, but can you imagine a shotgun wedding with her family?

The NY Times article was pretty funny and a perfect demonstration of everything I am mad about. I was getting frisky with a girlfriend in her roof top hottub once and a police helicopter, complete with spotlight, circled us twice. If I hadn't been so busy, I might have been extremely angry. She was just glad no one could see her face.


rsmwhh: sounds about right

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