When Purple Fingers Are Just That...

Ore : 2:34 PM

If in the next few days anyone happens to see my hands, know that I am not some unctuous wingnut making an empty gesture. I just had to change from a blue ribbon to a red on my damnable, viciously ugly Gaylord book charger.

Just so you know.

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Does a book charger charge at books or make books charge at other things? Is a book charge as impressive to watch as a cavalry charge?

"How do you stop a charging book? Take away its credit card... Thank you, folks. I'll be here all week." ;-)

that was jess, ladies and germs. i just flew in from vegas and BOY! are my arms tired!

word veri: yoofx
that is the best band name ever.

I was trying to make a joke, but it lokos like that line has been all joked out. Well done.

Word veri: gynspo
Riot grrl group or doctor convention?

LOL @ Jess

chuckles: that's dirty, esp. when paired with mine: ayumf.

I don't understand this, but when I first red it I thought you said "uncut" wingnut, and I didn't know who that would be. maybe Hinderaker? He seems smegma-esque.


trying to say cucumber with a mouth full or marbles

Okay, ummm...maybe this is a really protarded question, but....what's a "Gaylord book charger"?

I have a purple finger too. Banged it up pretty good while working on my car. Tres manly, no??!

Top this - I don't think it wold be allowed on 3B!: crbfecur

I'm risking my protardedness with Res. Qu'est-ce que?

Clearly it is some device required to scan books for liberal sentiments and then automatically update the NSA archives. In those archives there two lists: Terrorists and Potential Terrorists.

They see you when you're sleeping, they know when you're awake. They know if gone to bad or good websites, so be good for goodness sake! Whooah! Somebody's coming!

fhqxd: the sound of reflexive gagging after taking a huge load of Republican bullshit...

A book charger is that huge, ugly, vaguely Soviet looking machine that stamps the book's card with the due date and your card number (making that huge, scary "chomp" sound as it does so). It is made by Gaylord, which is the company that sells products to almost every library in the Westernized world.

How could you call me ugly!?!!! *Sob*

Go to RETARDOs place, the librabruan in you is gonna have a mega-snit!

I got your link from Daily Kos. You are really smart and stuff.

Bush = Hitler. Everybody knows that!
  • Posted at 2:55 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Garcon, there's a conservodouche in my soup.

Chuckles: oui, oui, and there's a conservative slobbering on my jock. C'est la vie.

Anonymous: No, no, Bush=Bush. I believe a miserable failure of such magnificent proportions can stand on his own, and does not need to be compared to other huge, though mostly dissimilar failures.

Teh, maybe you're unfamiliar with the literary conventions of the "DKos" genre. Everyone who comments over there has to paste some dippy footer on their comment to the effect of "Bush is teh SuXx!!". If you don't do it, you may be insufficiently committed to winning at all costs!

Yes, Res, of that I'm aware, but this post is clearly of the conservatroll variety. "You are really smart and stuff"? Sarcasm this unsophisticated would make Ann Coulter blush.

I've got something that would make Anne COulter blush...a splinter two by four. Covered in sand.

LIAR! LIAR! He said true love!

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