Follow Your Dreams... BEEFCAKE!!!

Ore : 12:07 PM

Tres cute, daytime soap, WB tweenie drama hunk Josh Duhamel.

And since this is an artistic nude, I see no reason to refrain from chucking some dong your way.

(In all fairness to Josh, this is a bad angle. It's certainly larger than I expected...)

Dedicated to the
Republic's AG, Res, Troy, and to Rat Boy.

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Comments for Follow Your Dreams... BEEFCAKE!!!
Oh for Christ's sake!

have you no....?


No, no, Gregor: for Piss Christ's sake -- remember, it's art!

mdhatter: Did you even have to begin to ask?

Very's also possible that he's a grower...

True, dat. Then again, he's 6'3", so objectively speaking, it isn't really that small.

Of course, the real turn-off is that he's stuck it in the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie -- repeatedly.

I may be missing something, but I don't think that picture is a pic of Josh Duhamel...the face doesn't look right.

I can see how other people might have missed that, but I felt it necessary to direct the attention skyward for a moment of clarity.

oxuvwpf: not touching this one.

i am SOOOOO glad i checked this at home and not at work...

I wouldn't know Josh Duhamel if he bit me on the ass.

PR: Please, you post nugs on your blog. A little meat & potatoes ain't gonna hurt none.

Chuckles: It is so.

I'd say he was tumescent in that picture. I'd also say that he's jutting out, so to speak, in front of himself (out of the shadow and into the light). I'm guessing a minimum of 7" at full attention, maybe a bit more. Quite respectable. Plus, it's Josh Duhamel, so how much do you really need? (Unless you're the lumpy-humpy BEP girl. SO wrong.)

My goodness, I've put an awful lot of thought into Josh Duhamel's penis.

madame, I would say slightly tumescent -- not quite a full salute. A semi, if you will.

And if you put enough thought into it, it may come to you...

eraythr: that, in this context, is just so wrong.

ok, now I know why Josh Duhamel got namechecked at 3B!s. Carry on.

What are you guys trying to do give everyone a complex?

He's clearly a grower.

Me likes! Thank you teh. You are very sweet to dedicate something to me and the boys.

Unlike others, who shall remain nameless, I will accept the picture of good looking boy without complaints.

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