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I'm going to this Hope Chest thing at Kimo's on the 15th. Should I introduce myself to fellow revelers, hangers-on, and stah performahs? Or should I view the proceedings on the sly, and keep to my drink in the back of the crowd...?

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You should definitely get out and imbibe in a crowd. It is safer. That way when you wake up in a tub of ice, you know who sold your kidney.

hnlnkb: the moan of guilty, self-loathing pleasure from MJ as she deepthroats MM.

That doesn't answer my question, you organ pirate!!!!

Oh, and I get MJ (or as she is sometimes known, "MJ'"), but who is MM: Marly Matlin? Matthew Modine? Manly Me?

Incognito all the way!!! Although the yellow and white helmet and the giant burger might be a giveaway!

Marilyn Manson?


I say you get out there and tell everyone you're Chuckles. It'll be the best of both worlds.

uphhruz - too easy

Whatever. Become the center of attention. Slyness is for ugly people.

Seriously, I can vouch for the center of attention. Works every time and only gets tiresome after five or six years (for you) or five or six minutes (for them), in my experience.

Although, telling everybody you're me would have been a plan, if it weren't for Yosef.

And those meddling kids.

I was going with Michelle Malkin on the MM thing. Although Manly Me is pretty good and pretty descriptive.

yamtjlia: a recently discovered part of the brain that regulates the person's stance on the yam/sweet potato issue.

i don't care about these other freaks, but you BEST come up and introduce yerself to me.

awqsfl - what bush says when he sees his newest approval rating.

Go in the guise of an alter ego. Guy Incognito.

Hell, I'm not using mine that night, so feel free to borrow mine -- "Al Dente." When they ask you why, just say because you're firm but tender.

TO ALL: Okay, I'll introduce myself. I'll be the one in the mask and the yellow cape. Please don't mind my bubbling cleft palate.

Good call, because otherwise how would we get stumbling drunk together @ Hemlock?

seeya there

uyivftth - The sound of DeLay's ego after he sees Abramhoff's plea bargain

Yeah, what is the plan? This is going to be super Nerdblog Thunderdome. Teh, I would understand if you wanted to go anonymeroni, but I would understand more if you went completely bedecked in Three Bulls! gear.


where Gregor Samsa will be treated for alcohol poisoning come this spring.

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