Happy New Year

Ore : 5:22 PM

My present to the Interweb's hottest near-gay couple, Gavin and Brad, just because:

It's tub time, and I'm feelin' all eel-y!

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Comments for Happy New Year
Hottest libertarians-who-hate-the-Constitution in history.

That's really lowering the bar for hot, especially when you consider they probably think "Day by Day" is a laff riot.

They'd make you want to pull of your skin and gouge out your eyes before you could even get them in the sack...

(yuhkweka -- yuh don't say?)

Who was it that had naked swede sauna-blogging?

Oh that reminds me. I got to dig up a Three Bulls! oldie but goodie on somebody obsessed with child-molestation. I don't know if teh has seen that one.

I was just randomly listening to some mashup that I had no idea what it was so I looked up the lyrics and it turns out I was listening to this band:


It has a great beat and you can dance to it. Maybe the And Rightly so gals are unknowingly listening to it too.

Gavin is nearly gay? I can handle Brad, but not my boy-toy Gavin.


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