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An abbreviated version of my thoughts on the matter before I head off to work: When any municipality or state says "we want to ban handguns and assault rifles," I respect that. It's a consensus-reached community standard that neither the NRA nor the Republican Party nor snide libertarians should meddle in. Often, this stuff comes from community leaders in inner cities speaking for everyday people who are sick and tired of the violence, of the fear that one day a stray bullet will fly through their living room window, and are willing to try anything. They look to Denmark, they look to Japan, and think, "Well, why not give this a try?" That's fine. They could even be right.

OTOH, I see Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity, and their followers and listeners are legion, and I realize that many, if not most of those odious turds posting comments on LGF and foaming at the mouth when calling in to talk to Rush ARE ARMED. As a liberal, I see this, and my first thought is that I sure as shit want to be armed, too. So I am.

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last night the old lady and i were watching "dog, the bounty hunter" (say what you want, but i've been following him for at least 5-6 years before his show came out), and i heard one of the most amazing observations ever:

they were tracking a dude and had to go to a trailer park they had been to many times before. dog was talking about the trailer they were looking for and said, "check and see if there's a flag out front." i was wondering what the fuck that had to do with anything when he said, "if there's a flag outside, they have guns. 9 times out of 10 if they're flying a flag, they've got guns in the house."

and if anyone would know, it would be him.

bnmxnbr - what that dude said after i put the duct tape on his mouth and threw him in the trunk of my car.

You know what they say about patriotism being the last refuge of the scoundrel and all that...

My gun is in my pants. My weapon of choice, AR-15 with a thirty round mag. Bring on the wingnuts!

You think I'll get spied on for that? Oh well.

"My gun is in my pants."

That's dirty. I like it.

Anyway, you're in Texas, so I'd expect that from you. I have a .45 semi (but I need to work on my marksmanship -- lazy wrist, dontcha know), a 30-06 (crack shot at 100 yards), and a .22 rifle for those goddamned coyotes who are always after my cats.

good christ, what an arsenal. i should make you our manager.

oktic - a parasite that doesn't suck yer blood.

umm, you have to realize that their leader mr president mcflightsuit has access to the bomb. although sometimes i suspect that after the pretzel incident, they replaced the actual briefcase with a dummy one that launches a fireworks display that would distract him for long enough that he will have forgotten why he needed to press the button.


flags and guns. In my experience, he was exactly right.

back on topic - guns are both fun and useful, but i don't need one, so I don't have one.

PR: That's good only with a concealed weapons permit, which I have not yet gotten (not sure that I will).

Besides, I'm not even qualified to be a roadie. But let me squeeze in to my pink PVC bodice, and I'll be good-to-go as a groupie ;)

adi: Good point. And I see that when you thought about it, you touchéd yourself ;).

And I can only pray that you're right.

mdhatter: Well I do. I mentioned one of the .22's uses; the 30-06 is for hunting (which I don't do much of these days, but oh well...), and the .45 is handy for larger, meaner critters that I might have occasion to run into.

And they can be used for self-defense against other humans, if the need ever arose. Which it hasn't. And I'm not terribly paranoid or alarmist, so I don't really have a huge expectation that it will.

I hate guns. I'll never be comfortable with them. They were designed to kill and they have been perfected to kill human beings. I have fired guns before and I am former military but I will never be comfortable with them. I'm happy that San Francisco voted to ban them but that seems to have been put on the back burner with pressure from the NRA

Me too. I'm not afraid of the thugs. I'm afraid of the crazy-mugs.

Dog the BH is a fascinating man.

And Dog uses mace instead of guns. My dad was making fun of that, but I think it's cool.

My theory is that most of the people using guns can't even aim 'em right and end up hitting the wrong people anyway. I say ban the guns until people get smart enough to learn how to shoot first.

i agree with pepper 100%.

and teh, i'm taking you up on that pink bodice-wearing groupie offer. ;)

but pepper, i need my tec-9 and my rocket launcher to properly hunt deer.

why you gotta be all up in my grill?

I was prepared to hate Dog, for every reason under the sun, including when he barged into the Andrew Garver case locally and against Oregon law, but having watched a few shows of his, I respect him more and more.

There. I said it.

Where the hell does teh live that he needs to protect cats from coyotes?

I guess we know his true herder!

Or perhaps...pussy shepherd?

Well at least the livestock would be safe then. Can't say that about the ranchhands.
  • Posted at 3:53 PM | By Anonymous Capt. Trollypants

I live in the wilds of northern cali, with coyotes and a killer dog that're always after my mousin' & gopherin' cats.

Also, I often find myself in areas where there are mountain lions and bears (oh my!).

Munchkins keep gettin inna my ant farms. Ima gonna git me hammer an pulverize them varmints.

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