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I'm not sure what it is about Republicans. When I was a wee tyke, Reagan told us to suck it up, that ketchup was a vegetable. Now, under Bush, we're served a warehouse full of mystery meat.

Once again, re: Katrina, I find myself torn between wanting the truth and wanting to vomit.

I mean, seriously,

(Hat tip to Booman Trib's blksista)

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Yikes! That's just about the scariest thing I've read in some time...and I've been reading some scary things.

And thanks for reminding me of Reagan's major contribution, and the basis of his legacy. Ketchup is a vegetable. I'd forgotten that my diet was so wholesome...

I remember seeing in The Telegraph (a pro-Tory British newspaper) an account from an anonymous source that elderly patients at Charity Hospital were euthanized because they couldn't evacuate all of them. So they euthanized those patients who couldn't survive the evacuation. Supposedly, it was a hoax. I don't know about you, but my tin foil hat is beginning to itch.

Well, phinky, whether or not it was a hoax, the fact remains that thousands were simply left to die. You don't have to go far to find ugliness regarding the whole Katrina mess...

Hurricane Katrina knocked the kool aid out of the hands of a lot of Americans. Except for those who believed the ugly rumors that the victims were a bunch of ungrateful poor people. But I was outraged about the blame-the-victim mentality that permeates our culture.

2005 was one motherfucking surreal year! What the hell's in store for the future?

does this mean shark week, i mean the hurricane season, is finally over?

Jesus that is fucked up. What is wrong with people?

was it a nice bus?

I have a buddy that works for Red Cross. He told me about heads falling off bodies during clean up. He's kind of messed up in the head from dealing with it.

I'm very sad.

Technically, ketchup is a fruit...
  • Posted at 8:17 AM | By Anonymous zombiecoterie

phinky: that's right! who cares about 6000 unaccounted for people and hundreds of missing children? Like John Stossel sez, they should have been smart and rich and mobile enough to get to higher ground!

nölff: that's terrible. And because of the environmental conditions, it's doubtful we'll find many of the bodies out there...

zombie c.: That's Reagan for you: all brains.

you know what really surrises me is that no one got jailed(or fired even) for the massive clusterfuck that turned out to to be the katrina aftermath.

That's certainly when I knew some fundamental part of America was severely broken: no accountability, refugees getting tossed out of hotels 'cos a football game was a-comin', Bush strumming guitar while bloated strange fruit floated through the streets of NO -- and there weren't any resignations, no apologies, nothing. Everything went on, business as usual.

I swear, it's gonna take the near-destruction of this country before a critical mass of Americans realize what the fuck is going on.

(pardon me -- I'm typing this with second cocktail.)

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