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The gorgeous, talented, and cantankerous Howard offers as good a reason as any for moving deep into the country, growing a beard, and writing a manifesto.

pretty good news, for once.

Two cute Mormon missionaries, a little on the callow side (but still...) came in out of the rain to avail themselves of the library's maps. Ah, possibilities... And just how do 18-year olds get the title of "Elder", anyway?

Norbizness is a perfect dumpling -- that is to say, a raging, bellowing, dim sum of he-manly deliciousness. Whatever. I think you get me.

I think the propane deliveryman wants to "hit it," as kids these days are wont to say.

You know, for such a beautiful woman,
Gillian Anderson takes awfully unflattering pictures. I still adore her, don't get me wrong.

I had a dream that
Zhang Ziyi and I shared a desk in some bizarre office of the future. We were both file jockeys, spending our time mocking the boss sotto voce as futuristic zeppelins drifted past our 112th-floor cubicle.

I finally figured out who Ann Coulter reminds me of: those tarted up yet irredeemably haggard and drawn lower middle-class cokewhores who used to hang out at
Jerry's, in Richmond, back in the 80s. Exactly!

I despair of ever learning how to drive. Please, won't someone teach me?

Hm'Kay. G'Nite.

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Here I go, walking right into it: sure I'll teach you how to drive, automatic or stick?

Driving is scary but the longer you wait the worse it is. We had someone from Germany just learn, he is 40, so you are never too old.

Oh, god-fucking-dammit: PP, automatic, obviously.

And by the way, one of my dearest, gay best friends told me that his sister learned at 40. SO FUCKING THERE, BITCH.

(As my fucking queeny ass caftan swirls around my unseemly, manly arms)Yes! I want to be loved and learned and want to know how to drive!!!

P.S.: hey PP: you and me gonna head out for gay Thai on the Castro, night of PR's concert?

Mmmmm, pork. The ONLY white/pink meat.

Actually, Marshmallows are white/pink meat if you buy the right brand. Pink beef is the future.

Cantankerous, me? Get the fuck out of here.

Gorgeous? But of course!

Hmm, I HAVE a beard already, damn it.

I had a dream that Zhang Ziyi and I shared a desk in some bizarre office of the future. We were both file jockeys, spending our time mocking the boss sotto voce as futuristic zeppelins drifted past our 112th-floor cubicle.

Sounds like that Asian Robot Sex that A & P were talking about.

Goddammit! Rudy G.? I fucking hate him. I don't care about 9/11. He's no hero. No hero! He did his goddamn JOB! That's it. Nothing special.

That job was done after he exiled the homeless to Joisey and Westchester and pissed all over teh gays.

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that chick looks a lot like lucille bluth. and to be fair, rudy g looks like george sr.

so that photo is awesome by association

They're on a mission from god.

Thogh I'll bet they have no cigarettes.


jerry's is in my old 'hood. seriously. i grew up on 43rd street and last lived on garvin. that is a crazy fucking bar.

and dear god, i'm STILL hot for gillian anderson.

I hear that Gillian is a 'grower.'


32 years ago I dropped out of high school and ran away from home. I was a boozer, a user, and a two-time loser. I stole the TV, did some more time. But now I'm back in school...

Seriously, 32nd & Roosevelt. Booyah!

Oh yeah, I'm up for whatever. You know I like Thai, and the Gay loves me so we are all set. Geenie C might be coming to the show, if so I'd propose Thai down the street from the show, if not, I am getting wasted with teh and he can show me his world right up to but not including penetration of myself. I have only ever stopped for gas in that part of town (ask res publica) so I shall be an anthropologist entering a new world. God knows it will be better than P-town. The absence of Andrew Sullivan being the primary reason. although I know you would have enjoyed the random naked guy beach conga.

I thought you were goign to say: "I already know how to drive stick"

FUCK YOU - NO WAY. 43rd and roosevelt. SERIOUSLY. grew up there...well, almost: got to 18 there. the "grew up" part is, according to most, still happening.

totqosk - where you go when you've lost yer kid.

PP: Then again, I may meet some friends for a little "Golden Era" on Jones prior to Kimo's, so I may already be stuffed full of vegetarian Chinese food. We'll see.

Also, I figured you were waiting for me to say "I want to learn how to drive Pinko's stick -- hyuck, hyuck, hyuck."

PR: I went to Woodrow Wilson elementary (which is now gone, or called something else). I was within walking distance of Pioneer Chicken (ORANGE MUTHAFUCKIN' FRIED CHICKEN!) and The Pup Hut (mm...sauerkraut). So there!!!

this is getting WAAAAY too weird - i could hit the wilson playground with a wad of spit, it was so close. my uncle joe STILL goes to the pup hut almost daily. pioneer chicken! across from 7-11!

jesus - how old are you? do we know each other from childhood?

gyvnda - an indian chant.

My 13 year old brother taught me to drive standard when I was 16 years old.

Where's the justice in that?

PR: I'm 28 - I think you're older. So we probably don't know each other from childhood...But you never know!

Smarty: There is none.

Whew, I thought you were going to be 60 years old and somehow soggy. Why does PR have to be veg? Why won't he let us shorten his lifespan????

Okay, so I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I like it anyway:

Ol' Skool Dancin'

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