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Ore : 11:50 AM

I suppose I should have corrected my "some good news" link from yesterday. Well, now I'm getting around to it. Horrible, just horrible...

Auguste has some much needed sass-back on the issue.Go get 'em, tiger.

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Comments for We Were Had
Yet another reason why we can't let this Bushit continue.

If a regulatory body can not force compliance, how can we expect anything less than a total breakdown of all security and safety in the workplace. Unionization is not a dirty word.

OSHA is not a small town in Wisconsin.

Well of course there's the obvious pointing out the typical Republican rat-fuck of ruining government from the inside for the sake of letting big business get away with whatever it wants.

But I'm also disturbed by the reporting of this particular story. How could the press have gotten it so wrong, initially? What gives?

yeah and then sharon goes and strokes out, so CNN just forgets about the whole thing.

We are talking about Terry Schiavo, right?

Yet another thing brought into the spotlight that no one will care about in a day or two.

The press and the mine screwed up. I am willing to go with the fact that it was an unverified source from a miscommunication. That is not he big thing for me. Yeah, it sucks to receive news that way, but the real issue is the fact that mines are allowed to operate like this.

Goddammit! Sharon is such a tool of the Bush agenda!

I believe in redemption. I'm rethinking my stance on Sharon. I think he began moving in the right direction when this shit went down, so I'm not willing to speak ill of him for now.

I was just making a joke about the timing of it all.

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