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Today is the last installment in the Rude One's series on New Orleans.

And can we please keep in mind that there are 6,644 people unaccounted for? Yes, many may be alive, somewhere else, whereabouts unknown thanks in part to the government's craptacular response to the hurricane. Then again, they may not, and we may never know -- that's what "unaccounted for" signifies.

6,644, nearly 1,000 of whom are children. Damn.

But never fear, I'm sure we can count on Stossel to assure us it's really for the best, and for Lileks to throw up his hands and poo-poo this as all sooo last year.

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R.I.P. Bob Cowsill "gimme a head with hair!"

What's a Lileks?

One of these.

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