Of Haloes and Pitchforks

Ore : 10:07 PM

"It's easy to be an angel in Paradise."

The censurious implication being that those who model and preach morality and good behavior can afford to do so thanks to their effete lives, and that their tunes would change were their circumstances a little more complicated, more burdened by grief and pain and want.

But I wonder how often we remind ourselves that the obverse is just as, if not more true. It's easier (and in truth, more enjoyable) for some more than others to be a devil in hell. Certain people seem to have fewer qualms about it.

I would even ramble so far as to say it seems that some people are actively trying to make the world a little more hellish, possibly for the sake of giving their worse instincts freer rein (little suspecting, of course, that in the process of doing so they may end up first against the wall as thanks for their efforts).

PS: Apropos of nothing, Amy Sedaris is on Letterman tonight (she's pretty much a guarantee that I'll make a point to watch it.)

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