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Ore : 8:49 PM

Shucks. Bill O'Reilly must be devastated, the poor bastard.

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Heh. It's like you read my mind.

Read my mind too! I want to start a terra organization called the Bill O'Reilly Martyr Brigade (BOMB).

O'Reilly just doesn't...

oh screw it. I am really tired. I biked into and out of work today and I am more than a lot sick with this rat fucking lieing son of a shiteating yeti cum-dumpster.

I don't even want to go find blogs to get banned from anymore.

I wonder if O'Reilly was in town today. Maybe they should look at him as a suspect. At least bring him in for questioning. I mean, he DID suggest bombing San Francisco, didn't he? I'd put him at the top of the suspect list.


Oh dear. Wonder if it was a fair-trade bomb.

By Dean Esmay's logic, O'Rielly did plant that bomb. By implying that San Francisco was the city that most deserved a terrorist attack, O'Lielly is clearly a conspirator.

As an aside, I hate the word co-conspirator. To have a conspiracy, you need to have at least two people. Otherwise, you are a Unabomber type also known as a violent wingnut. (Hence, the whole una part of the word.) A conspiracy requires more than one person so why are we making morons out of ourselves and demolishing our language with words like co-conspirator? I bet it has something to do with Bill O'Lielly and his conspiracy of hate.

As a further aside, is it a conspiracy if everyone knows you are a balding, splotchy, madattheworld, sex offender calling for the destruction of a city in your own country?

Auguste & Gregor: Great minds think alike. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the story.

Howard: No doubt. Maybe it was an overzealous Peet's employee?

CHuckles: Well, it's not as bad as "homicide bomber" (thanks, rupert murdoch...)

But I agree: We should all be looking very hard at crusader Bill O'Reilly -- holy warriors are known for these sorts of things. And Christians more than Muslims are known to plant bombs and leave them, not detonate themselves along with them.

Of course, won't my face be red if the perp turns out to be some misguided wannabe Bader-Meinhoff/Weather Underground anti-yuppie greenie. Let's cross our fingers, and hope it's just yet another failed right-wing attack against perceived enemies. I wouldn't mind the extra rhetorical ammo.

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