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* Grilled ham & cheese is even better with garlic on the bread.

* Non-alcoholic Coors is kinda delish. Much better than actual Coors, that's for damn sure. What isn't?

* Has anyone else read that Kitty Kelly
exposé of the Bush family? I'm dying to get my hands on a copy.

* Serenity was better-than-average. My biggest complaint overall was that style kept getting in the way of effective drama. For one thing, dialogue can be a little too fun and inventive, you know? Still I found a lot to like about it. And yeah, I'd totally do
Nathan Fillion.

* Ben & Jerry's "Phish Food" is a lot like its namesake: muddled and stonerish and kinda icky.

* Our newest local deputy is super good-looking. He's the only one, though.

* "But for today, I am a child/For today I am a boy..."

Shephard Smith is gay and leathery, and his drag name is "Rita Blowjob". Pass it on.

* I don't care who's doing it, or how cool they are: I'm absolutely over indie rock "I'm an utter asshole/You're a foul bitch" anti-love songs. Knock it off, and grow up.

* Pass the
Trader Joe's store-brand tortillas. So chewy, sorta buttery, gahhhh.

* Don't bother with Diamond's Strike-A-Fire. They're stupid. If you absolutely must, then go with Duraflame Firestarts, a much better value.

* "I'm not adopted and I'm not an Indian. It's just a coincidence thatI have a love of gambling and booze and a knack for catching syphilis."

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Isn't Phish Food the one that is kind of like Take 5 ice cream? Should it be revisited in that light?

Chocolate with marshmallow cream, caramel, and nasty little fudge fish (much lower quality than their New York Super Fudge Chunk fudge chunks). So no.

i lived on phish food and cherry garcia my first year of college.

Cherry Garcia is all right.


Ah, Nate. So hot in that priest's outfit in the Buffy days... and Canadian, to boot! Shya.

re: indie-rock mysogyny... is this à la The Killers? 'Cause I always got that vibe from them...

"bjgyqsnp" = blow job gay yup queer suck nipples please

He has a very interesting face. I'd like to sit on it.

Anyway, re: The Killers - erm...Not so much, but a little in a couple of songs. THey're actually much more gentlemanly.

But I've been hearing this crap from early Afghan Whigs to some of the new Wilco stuff, not to mention a bazillion wannabes along the way. Lots of bands who've otherwise put out good stuff. I'm just so over that particular genre of song. Stop it already.

ojecnkupf: German sperm donation shot glass.

Gay and leathery, eh? Well, I guess it's better than being straight and soft, like Brit Hume.

(Ewwww ... where did I come up with that ...)

Or albino and rodentesque, a la John Gibson.

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