"Hi Sanjay, I'd like the number for 'Vinyl Solution', please."

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It does a heart good to see that DailyRotten now has left-sidebar links up for what's new in the Rotten Library. The Indian Call Center article really takes me back...

You see, many years ago, my first "real" job (401K, health insurance, scheduled smoke breaks) was as a "411" directory assistance operator for Pacific Bell, which later became SBC, which in turn outsourced the jobs to Texas. It's only a matter of time before calls asking for the number to Clown Alley (closed for years, natch), start getting routed to Calcutta.

I really don't like this whole outsourcing nonsense, and I predict no good will come of it.

It was far better that we were in San Francisco and San Bruno. If some guy couldn't find Hawthorne Lane, chances are, someone in our office could tell him directions. If an old lady had a first-time appointment at Cal Pacific, I could tell her roughly what I thought cab fare would be from her location. The unrequired small talk could be very profitable, as well as reassuring to the customers.

Furthermore, when some poor guy in Mumbai (who owes his not exactly gainful employment to his well-trained, pitch-perfect American accent) is confronted with a wingnut caller who, upon asking for his 415 listing, finishes with, "Man, it must be tough in San-Fran-SISS-Co, putting up with all those gays and liberals and blacks, huh? God, you wouldn't catch me on one of those city busses filled with all those AIDS-havin' mongrels.", he would be lost. He wouldn't have the cultural wherewithal or good sense to answer, "God I know, sir. In fact, I'll let you in on a happy little secret: this call center doubles as a lobby for Patriot Furnaces, Ltd. We burn to a greasy ash all the mud races you can round up: nigger, spic, chink, whatever you got. We also accept bulk orders of fags and kikes. Sieg Heil, and have a great day!"


A shame, really. Customers enjoy that warm touch that less-fettered, only mildly supervised local operators can provide.

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Comments for "Hi Sanjay, I'd like the number for 'Vinyl Solution', please."
I bet Sanjay and his friends have the most interesting mental picture of Americans. You mentioned a great lil example, but that is not the least of the silliness that must come through onto his line.

The callers only compound the horrendous working conditions, I imagine. Apparently, the burn-out rate is huge.

I would rather eat actual feces for the rest of my life than work at an Indian call center.

Holy macaroni. Thanks for that link. I knew it was bad, but not that bad. Now I'm glad that I can keep my little stuffed bear and squeezy honey bear and copy of a Franken book on my desk.

I'm just glad I work in a clothing optional office.

I had a nice conversation with a customer service rep in India. Four years on the job and he sounded like he'd lived in the US for at least 10 or more years. His accent was minimal at most.

He was a sweet guy and we had a good chat about his job and computers.

I told him he probably had one of the toughest jobs in the world.

He didn't agree. I'm sure at other call centers, the reps are ready to go postal.

Yeah, um I meant, business clothing optional, not the nudity one.

No you didn't! You are a perv Chuckie!

Oh, yeah, I totally assumed you were going to work swingin'.

outsourcing torture?

i thought we weren't doing that

I wanna see a picture of chuckles at work.

Oh, and md, I got yer w-4 for the new call center in Uzbekistan right here...

hmm, i think i should go back to the motherland and help some brothers out.

if any wingnut calls, he betta be ready to take it as fresh as he e dishin it out.

rvcnrv: what happens all the time at trailer parks

adi: word.

vpkotsu: Japanese executive.

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