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Ore : 10:00 PM

Senator Leahy: "What were you thinking?"

Scalito: Maybe I don't give a shit! Maybe I don't remember the last time I blew my nose either.

PS: So my friend who I'm supposed to stay with in the city, his mom had a stroke (sad!). Too late to make new arrangements (aw!). It that means I'm staying at the Y (village peeps!). Unless someone wants to put me up (Sat., Sun. nights)...

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Comments for Shorter Scalito's Way
I'm sure fulsome would put yous up. I'm planning to ask him for two square feet of floor on Sunday night too.

I'm missing so much by not living in the Bay Area, except of course the $400,000 townhouses in the suburbs. That I'm not so much missing.

Ugh. Scumlito.

It's amazing how many cases and laws Scalito can remember. He has an amazing memory!

Except when it negatively affects his way into the Supreme Court.

PP: you think he's forgotten about the "One Night In China" link?

Auguste: ditto.

Smarty: You notice? Atrios and Kos have been dead on the whole time: why is he ashamed of his real views? Why are most Republicans? Could it be that the majority of America isn't really with them on many issues?

sleep on the street! Meet strangers and buttfuck your way to a bed for the night! It's so easy.

howard: Easier than you know. But do you have any idea the scary messes you can run into, and you don't realize how creepy they are until you're face down with crack-pipe burns on your ass?

PP and teh: I want you to know what you are getting into with the fulsome pad. If you think that crack pipe burns and missing your front teeth are bed, then find another buddy to put you up.

Maybe it will be a nice night and you can watch the sun rise out of the fog on a bench by the port building under the shadow of the Bay Bridge. I've done that. It's fun.

Fcuk it.


unptug: Makes UC verrry happy.

Sorry teh, I haven't been a diligent blogger for a few days. I have a fe wsquare feet for one night at a very reasonable rate. I just hope my manhood is safe from "teh gayzor!"

It would be irresponsible not to speculate

fqwpbgu: The sound of GWB blowing his nose on the Constitution

Hey, fulsome, so hows about you put me up on Sat. I'm going someplace else on Sun. (when pp be wit' u). Work out?

lobirtc: Throwing IRC smack (oh I give up).

AHA - i hadn't seen this post.

confirming what i commented on my blog, we can put you up sunday night after the gig teh. you will have a luxurious rest at chez futon, with, undoubtedly, some sort of kitty company through the evening since we have 3 cats that love the futon, so you'll have to put aside yer preferences and dig on some pussy for the night (i had to work that in somehow).

we cannae do it on saturday unfortunately, as we'll be out and about with hookers and hard drugs...erm, i mean shopping for groceries...yeah, that's the ticket...

nilethqu: when you piss on people waiting for concert tix to get a better spot in line.

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