Signing Off

Ore : 9:06 AM

Temporarily, at any rate. I'm escaping the razorwire compound of Freedom Camp through Monday.

If you're lucky, my little pretties, I may update before then.

Otherwise, you'll have to look at this the whole time:

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Comments for Signing Off
So are those her arms?

Is that a self-portrait?

After meeting the legend, I must say the pic doesn't do him justics.

ldziuko: those commies keep me from spam

Does this mean we should throw a party because Dad's not watching?!


I'll bring the coke, baby, you bring the straws.

And the rum. Filthy druggiesand their dirty addictions.

I'm baaa-aaack

Coke and straws? You WI/DC un-hip nerd wanna-be party boy. I'll bring the pasties, the girls and the silly string. You can bring the rope, Chopin, a few Zimas (because UC will be there), fireworks and Sean S. for my shooting practice.

Don't forget to invite Brian-the-cobag and Res. It could get interesting with those two in the same room. And let's not forget the Canadian clan over at Madame R's place.

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