"And the Oscar goes too..."

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Chris Bowers has the scoop on this year's nomination:

One thing the stories on the tears seem to miss is that she started crying during Lindsay Graham's questioning, and Lindsay Graham helped prepare Alito for the hearings.

The Left may have Hollywood, but too few actors could emote "falling" if you pushed them off a cliff. Maybe Li'l Lindsay could give them some pointers.

Certainly, if you want to
conduct a tearful press conference, he'd be the consultant to call.

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oh, wait - this isn't the tragic tranny post?

sorry, i'll come back. but you need to warn a brother. you had me thinking, with that awful coat and the weeping and all...

oh, the trage-manity!

Oh, dex, you (foul) card, you. Tragic trannies tomorrow, I promise.

[twirls cape, lifts fist to sky]Now I'm off to work [swoosh!]

Thank you for pointing out the Graham defense. It seems that Ms. Alito was late in pulling the trigger on her tears. What a joke. And shameful for a woman to stoop so low, crying so that the news outlets will say "HAVE THE DEMOCRATS GONE TOO FAR?"

How is it that the judges on Project Runway can ignore tears when evaluating things, but the media can't?

How is it that the judges on Project Runway can ignore tears when evaluating things, but the media can't?

I'm guessing the PR judges actually take their job seriously.

Yeah, don't you guys love how she just turns on the waterworks, and the next thing we hear is "Alito seems headed for confirmation."

Must be nice. Wonder how many tears she'll said to the legion of young women he seems intent on damning to die in botched amateur abortions...

"shed," dagnabit.

skbestww: Take it away, chuckles!

Y'all stop.

I'm tearing up.

::sniffle:: ::sniffle::

teh, e-mail me for plans on crashing Sat @ wellroundednerd@gmZ(notZ,A)il.com

umeef: Uday's middle name

This ain't worth an update, but I just gotta add: Dayum, that is an ugly jacket. I mean, seriously.

Carol Burnett as Scarlett: "I saw it in the window, and I just couldn't resist."

I wouldn't wish that fabric on my dead grandmother's couch.

fulsome: will do.

Ugh. I'm moving to Canada. Pack your bags ladies, minorities, and homosexuals! Join me won't you?

uh, canada is on the verge of voting in a conservative gov't, how's iceland? yeah iceland!

Fatrobot speaks the truth. Unless the collective bejeezus is scared out of the country now that the Conservatives have officially launched their election platform, we're going blue up here. (n.b. blue is conservative in Canada; red is liberal)

p.s. - the Conservative party wants to pull Canada out of Kyoto.

Is this the end of the world? Should I not do my homework? How did it get like this?

ET, phone home!

First liberals are too weak, now we're too tough, mean even.

Fcuk that lava-havin Iceland shit. I'm movin' me to Denmark or France.

elmo: notice how that works? I said goddamn...

Not that I'm proud about it, but Lindsay Graham is from my state.

Nölff: NO, you shouldn't be proud of it. Sorry.

skbestww: Take it away, chuckles!

Whee! I have it and I am running away!

But seriously, aside from the whole sleeping during the forty hours a day of daylight, Iceland is where it's at for me. Soon, they will have a hydrogen powered economy and they already have hotsprings and geo-power. What is not too like?

Oh and Bjork. The long nights leave plenty of time for bjorking your honeybaby dollface.

Chuckles: actually, to hear my straight friends tell it (so unreliable...), Emiliana Torrini is where it's at re: Icelandic chicks. Björk's getting a little long in the tooth. (ducking AG's punch).

You mean THIS Iceland?:


Oh hellz ya! Emiliani is my new bride.

Bjork's medulla album was interesting but doesn't tickle my fancy. Or any other part of me really.

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