One Enchanted Evening

Ore : 7:00 PM

*Polk Street is distressingly clean these days, but there are still plenty of hooting, drunken crackheads to go around.

*Kimo's acoustics really work only for bands that sound like shit anyway. Hope Chest's performance was lovely, and they are deserving of better venue.

*Many witty observations and brilliant notions were brought up that were then quickly forgotten. We spend our brilliance like water.

*A situation can go from awkward to awesome in 60 seconds flat.

*Fulsome: tall, dark, handsome and reserved. Ray: charming and ebullient (and talented!). Pinko Punko: Funny, smart and good-looking; not overwhemingly manly...

*Red Bull and vodka ... ahhhh...

*One night in Chyna can make a hard man flaccid. Relatedly, one should avoid going to the bathroom with Robin Quivers.

*You cannot trust Kimo's to provide a reliable door man.

*The Hemlock sucks gonorrheal discharge, but it's bearable with good company and ample liquor.

*I'm much more presentable on paper than in person. Unless of course I stick a cutting board down the back of my pants, and commence a wild and flailing interpretive dance at a live music event.

*Ow, my head.

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Comments for One Enchanted Evening
More on sandwich girl tomorrow. When my head clears...

I had forgotten my Enzyte the other day, won't happen again.

I think the donut is the only thing that saved me.

I had a sneaking suspicion that you would be Mr. Shy, but everyone loves you and our evening would have been teh l4m3 without you, although next time I am PAYING you to take a bite of of sandwich butt. I think it was Sweet Onion Teriyaki. Sorry about the hug bug, Ray infected us. I wonder how long it will last. I better not hug nayone at work tomorrow.


What happens to a blue dress, pluperfect

But I am shy. Just like any good, virginal Christian boy should be. I am a demure little flower.

Rip off my petals.

araburp: What you do after too much lamb and hummous.

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Where's the photos?!

I forgot my camera. And if anyone took pictures with, say, their phone, I didn't notice.

Kinda sad in a way.

nctum: What you did before you "rectum".

gnam, gnam gnam gnam gnam gnam

don't mind me
just eating grubs

gnam gnam gnam gnam

You knew all that hot young male beef was going to be in SF and you didn't bring a camera? Teh, teh? Have I taught you nothing.

Perhaps you'll remember next time. :)

funniest comment of the night:

"wow...pinko's so GAY! i'm straighter than him and i got banged last night." - teh

Enzyte... lmao...

Alright, I can't resist letting y'all know about this word verif:


One of my favourite pastimes: exploring groins. So true! This thing knows me... I'm freaking out right now.

fatrobot: We talked about you Sunday night. We decided you may live... for now. Your existence amuses us. Carry on with your grub-eating.

pop: Shhh! You're making me look bad.

In truth, PP is a burly, manly he-man of manly proportions and mannerisms. Manly.

I loved the PP gay comment. Can we get a specific gaydar count on that one?

Well, now I must post something because my word veri is:

hetrf: independent verification of a potential love interests heterosexual qualifications.

I think we'll need to get hetrf on PP.

pluperfect: PP I <3 U!~!!

AG: gaydar is not a counter, it is a locator.

rihbpa: The sound Pinko heard all morning as the Thai food, alcohol, and fritters attempted to exit his body in various and sundry ways.

ain't that the truth.

so sad.

I only get sensitive when it becomes a whisper campaign behind my back by total cobags. Just because I'm not munching your box doesn't mean I'm flossing with manular meat. I'm no more gay than Apollo on BG. Oh he's not EITHER, COME ON.

Hug bugs all of you.


the moment preceeding teh's Thome time.

PP, you are my hero.

nfzant: Genentech's patented ant-baby.

Don't dis on Genetech.

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