A Variant On The "Poor Little Rich Boy" Defense?

Ore : 11:06 AM

I don't get it. Shorter Lileks: "Please, please, please don't pay attention to Samuel Alito's extremist tendencies and shitty record. Instead, watch me repeatedly bang myself in the head with a rubber mallet."

Seriously, how early does he start drinking in the morning? Whatever. Attacking your own strawman, which in no small part resembles your political allies' strawman, with yet another of your own strawmen is some kind of feat. Of what kind, I'm just not sure.

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Comments for A Variant On The "Poor Little Rich Boy" Defense?
He's like the idiiot 'Canuck' over at Chuckles place who has nothing to say, so she just says stuff.

There should be an intelligence test to purchase a computer. 1/2 to 3/4ths of the wingnuts would not pass that.

neither would i, AG

Careful, man. With that drinking comment you sound like those cobags over at SeanS' place about Senator Kennedy. All you would need to do to lure them in for a tranny surprise would be to scream Chappaquiddick or whatever. Then they would come running. It's like their mating call or something.

I'm too tired to think of something clever.

Please accept this as my clever comment.

Sean is such a cobag! He and JermUNcool should jump off a big bridge.

Wingnuts are taking "rope a dope" to a whole new level...that's all I got to say.

ipuzupo...what the fuck is that?

ipuzupo: the only word you can speak when your $400 ipod's batteries die.

Ropea Dope is right. They are going to get what they want because only us and the Justice Sunday people care who gets put up on the court anymore. But the Senate is a plantation.

Goddam it Hillary! What the fuck was that? You just pissed on whatever cred you had.

kfvkuy: the only word I speak before coffee.

How come Mrs. Lileks is never mentioned in his ramblings? Has anyone seen her lately? Did she run off with Jesse Ventura or something?

Something tells me he's spent too much time alone with Gnat. He's gone bugshit in his suburban Minneapolis Fortress of Wankitude.

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