Poor, Piteous Bastard

Ore : 7:14 PM

This guy will never get any peace...

RELEASE THE (fat, toothless) HOUNDS!!!

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Comments for Poor, Piteous Bastard
I wish I could think of something clever to say but this issue just pisses me off. The poor woman should have been allowed to slip her mortal coil years ago.

I guess part of my point with that was: you know how conservatives love to nurse grudges and vendettas, how they carry them on for DECADES, if necessary? Well this poor guy was born in obscurity and should have died in obscurity. NOw he's gonna be hounded by these knuckledragging half-wits until the day he dies.

Years from now, his grandchildren are going to get pies in the face or worse.

LOVE these freeper comments:

""Terri was already in a nursing home. She had collapsed in 1990, likely from a potassium imbalance."

There the media goes again, saying something that just ins't true!!!!!!!!!"


"Not likely! Not likely a young woman in her twenties would be so damaged by a potassium imbalance, yet strong enough in her forties (after fifteen years of immobility yet) to endure 13 days of total starvation.
And if Michael Schiavo really thought a potassium imbalance did that to her, he'd have made sure she got another potassium imbalance to finish the job, long ago."

compassionate christians all.

Yeah, I read through as many as I could stomach.

I love how, in their frenzy to ignore things that really matter, they find the most fucked up shit to work themselves into a lather over.

I have seen people wake up from persistent vegetative states a few times. IN THE FREAKING MOVIES!

Since Hollywood never exaggerates anything, how could the christianic movement be wrong?

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