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Yeah, I could have done this last night, but I have (some semblance of) a life, work, and the 'flu.

Let's get the first two out of the way: I think I'm pretty much over the Stargates (not that I was really that into them to begin with, but whatevs). Stargate: SG-1's problem is that it's past its sell-by date (almost a decade, folks!) Although long-running series of whatever genre have a tendency to, in the beginning of season, take time to pick up steam while wallowing in self-indulgence, yesterday's episode was just too much: what a brilliant idea: rip off several of their own past episodes, as well as the episode of Star Trek those episodes originally pick-pocketed. They're not even trying, just milking their fan base.

Stargate: Atlantis, though newer, is just as paint-by-numbers and squirmingly juvenile. Last night, they served up their biggest, heapingest plate of cheese ever -- this time, the kind that smells like nerd feet. Most aromatic: the big musical number wherein the sassy alien chick morphed into Loreena McKennitt; her heart will go on... In flowing velour sleeves and lyrics written by a D & D fan.

Battlestar Galactica, I'm happy to say, remains possibly the only watchable skiffy on teevee today. Some of the plot turns were a long time coming (Roslin's remembrance of Baltar's treasonous canoodling with Six), others were a little too pat -- though I didn't want to see the president die, I could have accepted it. It certainly seemed like the natural, dramatically adult thing to let happen. But she got her reprieve in the form of hybrid-baby cells which wiped out her cancer.

Soon, soon, my pretties, we may see yet another reference to the original series as Baltar is inevitably drummed out of the fleet (or more likely, barely escapes with his life) and put in charge by the Cylons. I also predict complications stemming from Roslin's miraculous recovery; remember, an enormous amount of her authority is founded on her having played "the religion card" at a certain point. She was to be the dying leader who lives long enough to deliver her people to Earth -- the one from their prophecies.

Now, instead of keeping her cancer secret, she may have to keep it's cure under wraps. Then again, I could be crediting the writers and producers with more talent than they possess in the long-term continuity department.

NOTE: Speaking of odd odors, it's heartening to see Jonah Goldberg
jiggle with cautious delight. After that last episode had prickled conservatarian watchers' wet snouts with truffles of "state-ordered rape and torture + untrammelled dictatorial powers = bad," I was afraid he'd head some frosting-smeared vanguard of spurned BSG lovers intent on Bush-whacking this most interesting of series. I was almost sure he was heading for some sort of Medvedian breakdown. Fortunately, he perceived a couple of morsels of red meat when it turned out the nascent peace movement is headed by (gasp!) one of the enemy. Oh, and there was (only to conservatard eyes, natch) a resounding, Randall Terry-approved, anti-killing-womb-baby-Americans shout-out. Chickenhawks, royalists, and fundamentalists, rejoice!

Let's hope his bubble never bursts, and that the story arc never at any point encounters a subplot wherein someone's water supply is tainted because an evil capitalist has let monopoly in deep space go to his head.

Or, you know, Jonah could just learn to differentiate
art from propaganda.

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Comments for Skiffy Friday Post-Mortem
HA! THAT'S what I was alluding too over at 3b!, I didn't even bother to look at the Corner, because I knew El Lardo would be jean-creaming. The fetus cell thing could be perfect though, it allows for the echo of the stem cell debate and also, there is now the possibility that the cylon bloodsies will start doing things. I KNEW Roslin talking about "getting a brand new Cylon body" was foreshadowing big time stuff. Plus, Baltar is crazier than we thought!

I think you should shut down Jonah G with "well the Vice President is also crazy and essentially working with the bad guys."

Whenever I think about Jonah G. thinking about BG I think about Eminem going "oops there goes gravity"

Exactamente. If peace activist/terrorist Six = OBL, doesn't Baltar = Cheney, by the lords of wingnuttia? Huzzah!

I think the show's creators write plots with the primary purpose of keeping the maximum number of viewers hooked. (That sounds like a self-evident statement, but consider shows like "Lost," "Quark," and "The Prisoner" for balance.) They might be juggling these ideological tokens around just to get people stoked to that end.

I'm with you, though, teh. As long as it doesn't get too hokey and the continuity isn't sacrificed, I couldn't care less.

I am betting that they will keep the successful? treatment of the cancer under wraps for a while. Looking at the existing data set, we can expet extreme consequences for the President's survival.

I guess the conservatives have to take their victories where they can find them like BSG and South Park. Neither of these shows are right or left, BSG is science fiction and has fantastic moral and ethical dilemmas while South Park just rips on every fanatic, right or left. The conservative opinion seems to be 'har har, look at them sillies lefties on the teevee!' which is followed by a brief period of 'I didn't get that one part, but since that other part was rightie I guess the whole show is.'

Three Cheers for the Death of Analytical Thought!

Oh and I totally agree with you about SG1 and SGA. They went the way of STTNG a few seasons ago. I will give that new show about the town full of smart people a view or three to get funny. I bet that will go the way of first wave and farscape, though.

Did anyone catch the ad for the next episode of SGA? It looks like an hour of fan service! More of the same old crap.

i like battlestar, but there are things that the producers and writers seem to introduce, then drop immediately - for instance, what happened to that drunkie-number-two's wife? what about the lucy lawless character? and what had me hooked in the first season, apollo's reticience as a military man (which they've dumped altogether)? with the exception of baltar, nobody's really all that interesting for very long...

but none of these shows mean nothing, now, nothing i say, with the announcement that the good doctor will be materializing on fridays come march.

Patience, Dexter! I think they do a rather good job of tying up loose ends.

Oh, and blogwhoring forgiven for that link. ;)

Hah! I love how Jonah watches episodes of Battlestar galactica looking to put it "in the win column".

If we've lost battlestar, we've lost the country.

The day South Park is used to endorse a product is the day we lose.

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