Still Time To Call Your Bookie

Ore : 9:48 AM

Regarding yesterday's post: I may not know jack about the ponies, but I can sure as shit bet on conservatarians.

While we're waiting for some of the real luminaries of the Norquistian, criminalize-the-poor, let-them-eat-cake right to sound off, why not treat yourself to these
two nuggets of sublime thought?

P.S. And how long before the WSJ's
Brendan Miniter offers up a "yeah, they may have been victims, but they were also perpetrators" column?

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The fact that any human being can justify that beating is fucking disgusting and makes me ashamed to be of the same species.

You might want to conserve your shame, Indygirl; we've justified far worse than that beating. Recently, too.

zupbkkzs: Uighur Yiddish for "empty pockets"

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