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Random idiocy:

:_/} At the corner of Robber Baron Avenue and Know-Nothing Lane, Byron York
openly celebrates media consolidation and the death of real journalism. "The fifties are long, long gone," he says, the implication being that he's dancing gleefully on that grave.

:_/} James Taranto, clearly suffering from
inverse BDS, makes a sociopathic, tin-eared fabrication of "outrage over needless civilian deaths" as being synonymous with "gloating that the target was missed." Hu-frickin'-zzah.

:_/} International brain-trust and wisest retail manager evah Justin Darr makes an
hallucinogen-laced case for replacing the Legion of Do- excuse me, Axis of Evil's Saddam (no longer operative, don't you know) with Hugo Chavez. Which makes perfect sense once you realize that all those Citgo stations are actually sitting on the mass graves of evilly genocided Venezuelan right-wingers.

:_/} Lastly, and closer to home, Aaron Kinney (aka A.C.K. -- !!!) unwittingly
illustrates almost everything that is wrong with the conservatard rank-and-file:

Leave Michelle [
Malkin] along [sic], you queer, wiener eating losers. Get a life, and get saved. Without God you will never amount to anything. In the words of the great Jerry Falwell, If you're not a born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being." [sic]

Poor Michelle, so defenseless. Moreso, it seems, with bodyguards like

*Thanks to
PP's archnemesesieses, that 12 Seahawks Street guy.

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Seriously, I wanted to be "dude, if you used those words i would have known exactly what you meant. It's called context, you can look it up in the rest of the sentence!!!"

Yes, he was needlessly nasty to you (and you are much smarter than he could ever hope to be). But then, knuckledragging football rivalry knows no bounds, it appears.

It was like t-ball with him, although his second comeback was Three Bulls! worthy, and disgusting to boot!

When I must put fossil fuel into my gas-guzzling Suzuki, I always buy it at Citgo. Anything that helps the Bolivarians at the psychic expense of a tool like Darr is good business.

jgttxf: Uighur Yiddish for "one who steals yak jerky from blind old woman"

justin darr? he should change his name to justin time. at least that way, he'll have one thing going for him.

btw, the very thought of byron york dancing sent me into fits of intense weeping. thanks teh, thanks a lot!

mcscjqiu: the chinese mcdonalds

You're welcome!

Needlessly nasty? I disagree. It filled an deep seated need to squeeze your cobag.

Hope it wasn't messy.

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