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Sieg Howdy, y'all!

Essay on the "unitary executive": read, discuss. I'm going back to bed.

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Well, I did need something about which to get mad.

What a bunch of cobags.

qsbeml: Really fast email.

Bush and Cheney look good in uniform. Do you think we'll hear much about "unitary executive" in the state of the union speech? I doubt it.

we elect our useless government today. in fact i gotta get the hell out of here and VOTE.

Bush and Cheney have a new friend north of the border! Straight from the Texas of Canada (Alberta), Stephen Harper... the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada.



[Dopes from Texas, Texas...]

Hmm. Jennifer Van Bergen is HOT-tuh-tuh.

Thanks teh. That's probably one of the best articles I've read on a blog lately. (I love all ya all, but that was a well written piece). It empowers me to speak to my ultra liberal elected officials. Yes, I have that luxury and I know they are with me, but it's good every once in a while remind them that I support the work that they do. (I cannot always send hate mail to them).

Now I am going to throw up and call Mexico about citizenship papers.

As I sit in Texas and read what went on in Canada, I can only say...just keep fighting the good fight.

"Democracy: who needs it?"

"Democracy: What is it?"

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