Pedophiles With Good Taste

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Hell, if I was 14-year-old Lindsay Lohan fan with bad acne, I'd hit it.

Okay, so I click on this banner at Atrios's, the one with the picture of a nekkid pr3vert (for obvious reasons to those who know me), I click on it, right? And it's an advert for a big MSNBC story on how they find guys looking to hook up with teens and kids on the Interwebs, and then do a Candid Camera routine on them (with the cops present for TEH B1GG BU5T!!11!, natch).

The thing that struck me at the page, though, the thing that really almost made me bust my gut, was this line from Chris Hansen (yeah, I know, but apparently he's a journalist [makes serious, Cold Steel-esque face]):

In two different investigations, in two different states, dozens of men showed up at our undercover houses after chatting about sex online and then making a date with a minor. Both of our investigations were watched by millions of people. It was the talk of radio and cable television shows for weeks. So have sexual predators learned any lesson at all? Apparently not.

I just cannot get over the self-aggrandizing puffery of it. Reading it, one can almost hear Chris's timbered, amused, "I'll be damned" chuckle as he slowly shakes his big, blow-dried Ron Burgundy head.

Hello, newsflash Chris: pervs don't watch MSNBC, unless there's something very severely wrong with them. Like brain damage.

I mean please, more people read my blog than watch your dumbass Stone Phillips preen smugly behind his desk. Why do you think you have buy blogads to advertise your televised content, for Christ's sake?

The reason they haven't "learned any lesson" is because not even guys who stick their meatwands in tweenies would be caught dead watching your shitty cable newsiness.

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Comments for Pedophiles With Good Taste

I guess it isn't 'news' that people who exhibit deviant behavior secretly WANT to get exposed.

it's why they get off on it. duh.

my word, "fsqgay". are you seeding these?

"...are you seeding these?"

Is that the word choice you'd like to settle on, then?

I don't know, teh. Maybe md's been reading you talking about blowing your load all over your next door neighbor.

Wheee! Cross-pollination!

Oh, wait, that didn't come out good...

pervs don't watch MSNBC

We could stand to learn so much from these noble peoples.

I'm sooo excited to see it! I love watching stupid pervs get their comeuppance! And Dateline is just so good at it! Well, along with the peeps. If that were a weekly show, I'd tune in every week. What could be better? We have a show that could ride the reality craze as well as provide a public service!

Oh, where to begin? Ben:

a) Reality TV isn't entertainment: it's home video without writing and with judicious editing.

b) It's great that you get riled up about stranger danger and online predators -- now if only you could get riled up about stuff that affects all of us (say, the gradual erosion of our Constitutional Rights, or the slow transformation of our country into a brutal, pig-ignorant police state).

c) You can't honestly believe that MSNBC is having any sort of positive net effect on law enforcement, or on overall rates of molestation and statuatory rape, can you? You do realize I hope that the vast majority of sexual predators will never get nabbed by the police or endure some "gotcha" moment on teevee, as most of them work their own families, as they don't have to go through the internets.

a. reality tv is pretty entertaining to me.

b. i get riled up over all sorts of crap. i'm just getting riled up gradually over the erosion of our Constitutional rights.

c. so maybe it's not a public service. i'm prone to hyperbole...

anyway, i watched it and it was pretty if they do a 4, i probably won't tune in... :)

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