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Just some more mainstream conservative thought: Ann Coulter goes Pat Robertson on your treasonous liberal asses.

But you know, it's okay, 'cos it's, like, humor, ya dig?


I had a dream... That I was at one of John Bolton's swinging sex parties at Plato's Retreat. There I saw, among many other atrocities, John Derbyshire taking K-Lo from behind; the impression was not unlike watching a toothless blondhound tackle a dumptruck cobbled together from chicken wings.

One of those nightmares where you're horrified, but you wake up laughing.

nongs choose skiffy: on BSG tonight: the dark side of capitalism among interstellar refugees. Let's hope Jonah doesn't catch the vapors, and that he has yet another one to tally as a "win" in the Right's column.

UPDATE: Tonight's BSG was, in fact (and this was its only purpose in its entirety) a blatantly Leftist argument for government regulation of business. Clearly the makers of this show want the terrorists to win.

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Comments for Grab My Bag
how can you even close your eyes? the horrors.

One of those nightmares where you're horrified, but you wake up laughing.

I always have a good day after one of those kind of dreams. The smile just wont leave my face till I sleep again.

ahhh, there's the tranny.

i'm going to wait for the late rebroadcast; i have basketball and episodes of chris carters' millennium on dvd to watch, but i'm effin stoked for bill mother effin duke.

MAnn Coulter joking about murder: always teh funny.

Almost as funny as Tweety's fag jokes.

pssst- I know R.E. is full of crap, but she must be allowed to utilize the rope provided, never take away the rope.

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