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I'm loving the fact that Chafee indicates he will vote no on Alito. Perhaps Specter and Snowe will join him, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm still in crash-position (you know, put your head between your knees and kiss your ass good-bye) -- still convinced someone is going to come along in a backroom deal and figuratively twist his arm until it almost comes off.

We'll see.

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Comments for Tentatively Good News
I think Alito needs an enema more than a fillibuster.

put your head between your knees

And cough.

That's a crash position?!
I just thought it was something fun to do.

nölff: the enema of my enemy is my friend-with-benefits.

shingles: only if your lungs are full of phlegm. Otherwise, it's merely a chore.


*runs away*

Given where Chafee hails from, I should hope so! New England does NOT like conservatives, no matter what Maine and parts of red neck New Hampshire say. I just tell them to get back to Porthole and Nashvegas and STF up when they try to tell me differnt!

And Specter too, for that matter. It may be a bible thumpin' state in SEPA, but NEPA, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh can crush all those red necks in votes. (Remember, you have to be able to read to vote and write letters to your Senators).

Now, if only Chafee could get around to changing his name.

Hearing it makes me want to reach for the Squeaky Cheeks Performance Powder.

fatrobot: I'm not touching alito, I'm noooot tooouuuuchinggggg aaaah-leee-toooooo...


AG: I have a feeling the "moderate" Repubs are feeling quite a bit of heat right now. Their only saving grace, being that they're Republicans, is that they've always made noises about being pro-choice.

Something just as big as not big as Alito's proven antipathy to the Constitution, is his views of a unitary executive -- I would think that more Replubicans would be shocked that their representatives are so keen on essentially signing away the Congress's power.

"...if not bigger..."


Somebody said bigger?

wjmful: how appropo...

goddamn you chuckles.

It is almost a curse. Well, it's only a curse when I have to go buy new pants.

yhaswr: Inspector Gadget, I presume?

It's all about the timing that has made Alito's case possible. The war and the Abramoff thing sealed the deal for him walking in the back door. I agree with and support my Massachusetts Senators. At least they are effective and care about me.

Here we go with Mr. Fancypants. He just cannot stop talking about his panties. Chuckie, enough with your panties. Stop the madness. I cannot stomach it anymore.

just heard on NPR that fighting over alito wasn't worth the potentially bruising political argument

boo-fucking-hoo, if protecting people's basic constitutional rights isn't worth fighting for than nothing is, bastards

spineless, worthless, pricks should be fighting tooth and nail, maybe getting into wrestling matches like the taiwanese parliament.

ray ray: exactly. NPR needs to stop being so fucking milquetoasty about the whole thing. Liberal media my ass...

Anyway, as an update that I didn't feel like popping on the front page: they are gonna vote for cloture, but that doesn't mean Alito's home free just yet.

All I can say is, if Feinstein doesn't want what's left of her political career to go down the crapper overnight, she better either vote no or just abstain.

I hate abstentions. Those goddam swiss just piss me off.

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